This Is Why St Albans Is The Best Place To Live


Whether you were born in the UK and lived there for all your life or have been raised in a different country, London is one of the most popular places to live in the world. The city offers almost everything, from exciting football games to some of the best musicals. The capital of England inhabits more than 8.6 million people and is incredibly culturally diverse. When it comes to choosing the perfect place to live, one is presented with many options. The question is here whether you prefer the more expensive inner-city living or the quieter life in the outskirts of London, which can be cheaper but also slower paced at times. Luckily, places like St Albans exist. The so-called commuter town combines the best of both worlds. So here is why St Albans is the best place to live.

Living there is cheap

It is a well-known fact that London is probably one of the most expensive cities to live in. Whether you are renting a bedroom in a flat share or thinking of buying a house, you will definitely have to earn above the country’s average. Though, the further you stray away from the capital, the less pricey the properties get. This is also the case for St Albans. Housing prices here about 2% lower than the average value in London. The commuter town offers a wide range of different properties, from flats, over terraced houses to semi-detached and detached properties in all shapes and sizes, so everyone can find their dream home.

The city is easily accessible

Another advantage of living in St Albans is the easy accessibility of the city. St Albans is well-connected. There are regular train services that connect the town to the capital. It only takes about 30 minutes with the train service by ThamesLink to reach the city centre. Ex-Londoners who moved to St Albans even claim, that they are at work faster than when they lived in London. Additionally, there are regular train services to London St Pancreas International, from where the whole world lies at your feet.

Good schools and green nature at hand

For parents and families one of the deciding factors on where to live is the educationally institutes available. St Albans is full of good schools, including the Oakwood Primary School and Sandringham School, which received an “outstanding” rating by Ofsted.

Finally, St Albans offers the greenery and nature of the countryside. The historic town offers a highly enjoyable street market and a friendly community with plenty of pubs and restaurants to spend exciting evenings in.


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