Solar vs Wind Power: How Do They Stack Up?


Are you looking to save money on your electric bill? Installing a renewable energy system on your house can help you do just that and benefit the environment.

Solar power and wind power are dominant sources of renewable energy. Solar power and wind power are free and reduce carbon emissions from fossil fuels.

But which type of alternative energy source is better? In this blog, we’ll break down solar vs wind power and give you the best option for you based on environment cost, and maintenance.

Solar vs Wind Power

In the United States, wind power is more popular than solar power for utilities and large scale operations. Typically, solar power is a more practical renewable energy source for residential purposes.

How do they differ? Wind turbines do not rely on sunlight, so they can produce  power 24 hours a day. A wind turbine for residential use is usually about 80 feet tall.

You should install wind turbines on a residential site that has an average wind speed of at least 12 miles per hour. Rural areas with frequent winds are ideal locations for wind turbines. Additionally, turbines need to be installed far from any obstructions for safety reasons.

As for solar panels, they can be installed on almost any roof or on the ground to convert the sun’s radiation into electricity. For most users, solar panels generate a sufficient amount of power to meet the majority of your electricity needs.

A solar PV system installed on the roof should need limited maintenance. The moving parts on wind turbines will have more wear and tear, requiring greater maintenance.

Solar Industries Association

Since 1974, the Solar Energy Industries Association® (SEIA) has promoted, developed and implemented the expanded use of solar energy nationwide. SEIA provides resources to inform policymakers and business leaders about the future of the solar power industry. The association raises social awareness about solar energy advocates for the use of clean energy at the federal, state and local levels.

Benefits of Solar Energy

Solar energy replaces the need for fossil fuels and limits the overuse of the power grid. They can be installed virtually anywhere with access to direct sunlight, such as rooftops, in fields, on cars, on bikes, and even on traffic lights.

In addition, a 10 kW solar system will be less expensive than wind a 10kW wind turbine in the long run. The solar system may cost approximately $21,900 after incentives. A 10 kW wind turbine could cost about $14,700 after incentives, but will require more maintenance over time.

Solar Panel Installation

If you’re in North Carolina, solar installation companies like Blue Raven Solar can help you make better financial and environmental choices. Blue Raven Solar will also discuss options for your home, such as solar ownership, lease, or a power purchase agreement (PPA). With Blue Raven, you will not pay any upfront costs for equipment and activtation.

Installers will examine the roofing type, the angle, and the shading on the roof. They will also analyze your energy usage history at the beginning of the installation process.

Contact Blue Raven Solar for more information about their services.


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