How to Hire a San Diego Property Manager in 5 Easy Steps


Finding a property manager for yourself could be a hectic task. So let us make it a little easy for you.

When looking out for property management in San Diego, the first thing one would do is check online and look for referrals. Now the referrals could be your friends who work as insurance brokers or real estate agents; one can quickly get help from them.

1Reputation Check

You can check for the reviews of the specific company or manager online. Google is not found authentic for reviews, so Yelp is preferred. Yelp has the credibility for reviews and ratings of any company or person rather than google. You must choose a company or manager with at least a four-star rating on Google or Yelp. It makes sure that the company has a commitment and is working hard to gain that spot.

It will make sure that the tenant and the company benefit each other as it is challenging to achieve a respectable position in the property business.

2One Simple Call

This time-saving yet straightforward trick helps us out a long way. First, it is imperative to know the response from the company or manager who you want to hire. To check that, make a call on the given number and see their reaction. If there is an immediate response, then go further with some basic questions and make an appointment. If they do not attend your call, move on to the next option because if they are not answering when you are not a client, how will they respond when you are a client.

3Company Setup

It is a pivotal point to discuss when it comes to property management. The first thing you need to get into your notice is finding out what type of company setup? Three types are portfolio, departmental and hybrid.

Portfolio meaning it is being handled by a single person, which is a good thing because it is easy to communicate with one person rather than the whole team.

Then we have departmental that is to collaborate with different people with different tasks such as leasing person application person, maintenance person, etc.

More involvement of people means that you might be in contact with many people to create confusion, and no one could be held responsible.

4Know about your property manager

You need to go into the complete information about the person managing your property. Ask about his experience, hold him responsible for your experience. Then, start communication with him to feel if the vibe is there and find out that they match the expertise.

5Ask a few significant questions.

Average days on the market for the last month

Check on the average days on the market for the previous month as it serves to be a great deal in property management in San Diego. It clearly shows how serious they are with the number of their customer’s success.

How are repairs handled?

You can ask your manager if he can handle the situation with the repairs. A manager should know what to do with the property and not disturb you for small things like repairs. You can ask him about the expense. Usually, it can take 300 to 500 dollars, for maintenance limit is good. Make sure they provide you with pictures of the work done or any damage.

Do you inspect the property regularly?

  It is an utmost priority for the manager to keep a fair check on the property and fix it immediately. He should understand what the term inspection covers. He should be providing a report with photos to see everything is in its place and perfect.  No one would want their property to lose its worth because of no proper inspection.

What are your fees?

It should be settled on the benchmark that has been set. Then, if the manager performs well, he should be given a commission for his work. Commissions work like oxygen in the property management in San Diego. Another fee is the leasing fee. A manager should lease to a tenant and get a good amount of leasing fee.

What will the property rent for?

It is one of the most critical questions in the above discussion. Of course, it would be best if you preferred to have a definite number backed up with the data. However, the data shows professionalism, so lookup for that for property management.

With all these points, you will hire a property manager with great ease.


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