Skin Whitening: An Obsession that Has Become a Problem Nowadays


India has for long been stigmatized with respect to darker skin tones. It is true that from the moment, a child steps into this world, they are being judged for their skin colour. It is definitely a worry that one’s real life compatibilities may never be appreciated by people stuck with connecting a fairer skin tone to superiority. But what about a grown-up’s will to look the way they want? Isn’t the freedom of choice to be whoever one wants to be the ultimate decision to take?

The real worry of the hour is how far is anyone ready to go to get a fairer skin tone. Unfortunately, people looking for skin lightening in Bangalore and other fast-paced cities lack patience. With the plethora of skin whitening agents available in the market, their minds are going berserk. People are trying their hands at every other product available in the market without understanding its genuine nature. But isn’t having healthy skin the bigger aim than having a lighter skin tone? One thing goes wrong and your skin may suffer from problems that either don’t go away or have a long-lasting impact on your skin’s health.

Continuing from the perspective of a layman, he/she will pick up something that is presented well. This may not be the wisest choice. Every day, a number of people are putting themselves through really harmful and unsupervised procedures like skin bleaching, steroid treatments, chemical peel treatments, laser skin treatments, steroid cocktails, etc. Both young and old are using painful “whitening” pills and intravenous injections to achieve results fast, putting their skin health in jeopardy.

Currently, the multinational cosmetics brands have a lucrative market for skin lightening which is projected to triple to US$31.2 billion by 2024, according to a report released in June 2017 by the research firm Global Industry Analysts. Moreover, the largest and fastest-growing markets are in the Asia-Pacific region. In this ever-evolving world, people want to be seen in a particular way. One can get surprised at ways people think about themselves and what can push their self-esteem and confidence to another level. With that simple feeling, people are just being fooled into believing that just any skin whitening products can work on them. Moreover, due to the pressure of corporate lifestyle, skin lightening in Chennai and other big Indian cities has developed into a rage.

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Let’s take a look at some of the most obvious ways to achieve a lighter skin tone. Bleaching is a very common treatment that lightens not the skin itself but the fine hairs on the face. What about the high ammonia content in these products? Many people time and again complain about feeling itchy, developing redness, burning sensations associated with the bleaching treatments. But the lack of awareness is making them re-opt for it. Generally, salons and parlours are not keen on the skin type and will put on anything to make one feel beautiful. If you relate to this, then quickly switch to a more sophisticated and safe skin lightening procedure.

Then, there are skin-lightening creams that often aim to interrupt the production of melanin or just improve the general health of the skin. They are soon becoming very powerful agents of skin whitening in Bangalore, Delhi and many other big and small cities. Though these creams contain natural ingredients such as soy, liquorice or arbutin, they also contain hydroquinone. It is not only a skin lightening agent but also a potent carcinogen. Once it was identified as a cancer causing agent, it was banned in many places around the world such as South Africa, Ghana, Australia, Japan, etc. Many skin lightening creams also promise Vitamin B3 but what they actually contain is mercury. It suppresses the production of melanin but if it accumulates too much in the body, it damages the kidneys and brain.

In the same list, there are also painful and harmful chemical peels, which removes the top layer of your skin. Sounds painful, right? This may not be entirely true. What happens is that your upper layer of skin gets exfoliated which brings the underlying layer of skin. One should remain careful while going as sun rays or pollution may cause damage to skin. Just make sure that you don’t have a non-certified individuals and service providers speeding you through such a delicate treatment.

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Is all hope lost? No, there is still light shining somewhere. If we consider the ancient yet effective India’s traditional Ayurveda medical system, there are several natural ingredients that can bring fairness or lighten the skin. Moreover, many certified and experienced medical professionals make sure that their patients think more about healthy skin first and then give attention to light and dark skin tones.

Whether you a small city girl looking for a new look or a work professional looking for a skin whitening in Chennai or any other major city, make sure you check out the clinic or medical professional providing the treatments. Even if you are looking for other daily use agents of skin lightening in Bangalore or any other city flooding with more and more products, make sure you check the composition listed. For the best results out of everything, you should preferably go for skin sensitivity and health consultation to a certified skin specialist prior to using anything on your precious skin.


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