Sinclair Broadcast Group Acquires Two Class A TV Stations in DC


Sinclair Adds New Channels and Highlights New Technologies

The Sinclair Broadcasting Group has recently been undergoing a host of updates and changes that are designed to change the way the broadcaster is seen around the U.S. and the world. The latest changes made to the Sinclair network of local channels and sports broadcasting options is the addition of two Washington D.C.-based local stations. The acquisition of WIAV and WDCO means more than simply expanding the footprint of the local channel provider in the coming years. Instead, Sinclair is hoping to use these stations as a way of introducing its NEXTGEN TV technology.

These two stations were previously owned by WMTM, LLC with the decision to purchase the two stations was undoubtedly based on the high-powered capabilities of the WIAV channel. Both WDCO and WIAV operate on their own transmitters with the former operating on the standard 15kW class-A signal. However, the $8.5 million paid by Sinclair for the two stations was driven by the attraction of the high-powered capabilities of the WIAV signal that is rated at 48kW with a class-A signal. The high-powered capabilities of the WIAV signal will allow Sinclair to unveil its NEXTGEN TV technology that is at the heart of its future.

NEXTGEN TV, also known as ATSC 3.0 “Mobile First” is a new way of using TV signals that is closer to the Internet than to traditional over-the-air signals. The NEXTGEN TV technology that is about to be unveiled by Sinclair has been reported to be an immersive experience that is not simply tied to use on fixed monitors and TV screens. Instead, a range of information can be obtained on several mobiles and fixed devices in ultra-high-definition the company believes will change the way news and media is received. The hope for the NEXTGEN TV technology is that it will change the way information is passed to mobile devices and traditional screens using the internet as its base.

Sinclair is already a fixture of the Washington D.C. media sector through its ownership of the WJLA channel that broadcasts under the ABC banner. The addition of Washington D.C. will add to the diverse offerings from Sinclair with the addition of the Unimas and TBD programming. From the local headquarters of WJLA, Sinclair expects to provide Unimas and TBD programming through the WIAV channel and more TBD programming through the WDCO channel.

For viewers, the changes to the programming offered by WDCO and WIAV will be limited as Sinclair continues to move forward with the current direction of the channels. The introduction of the NEXTGEN TV technology will bring the biggest changes to the lives of the people of Washington D.C. with their privacy and safety a major feature. NEXTGEN TV is capable of working on 5G networks and has a focus on ensuring critical data and information can be passed to first responders in times of need. Viewers will also be faced with an increased level of information coming their way when disasters and severe weather issues are reported in the Washington D.C. area.

Sinclair Broadcast Group is no longer tied to its rich history as a local media provider in the U.S. across networks from Coast-to-Coast. Instead, the focus of the media brand is shifting with the development of its first cell phones using NEXTGEN TV technology. These cell phones have been developed in association with the Saankhya Labs brand that will bring broadcast TV options to viewers using these mobile devices in the coming years


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