Simple Ways to Stay Healthy This Monsoon!


The glorious monsoon season is here and it is the best thing that can happen to us to beat the horrid summers. There cannot be a better time in fact to be in India, our monsoons are considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world. The only downside with the rains we get is the kind of diseases that become viral during this season. It is of prime importance that you take a lot of precaution during this time and make sure that your whole family is kept safe. What are the few things you can do?

– Be extremely careful about the water and food you consume. The first thing that gets contaminated during the monsoons is water. The moment we consume contaminated water, you have a huge risk of contracting an infection. The easiest way to avoid this is to have only boiled and clean water. Even the food you consume must be cooked with clean water – so, avoid eating at places where the water used may be questionable. Contaminated water is the most common causes of Malaria and Cholera.

– Get a check up when you have a fever or cold, leave nothing as a light event during the monsoons. Only wearing dry clothes help quite a bit too.

– Use a hand sanitizer as often as possible. This is almost a life saver. Each time we touch our face, nose or ear – there is a possibility of an infection because of something you may have touched earlier. In fact, the moment you have any of the symptoms of Malaria such as high fever and headaches, it is best to avoid contact with other people and to increase usage of a sanitizer.

– Use a hand towel for frequently as it reduces the chances of getting an infection. This would help you from contracting a virus upon touch and that does limit chances of an infection by a great limit.

– Wear full sleeved clothing at all times. Many of the diseases are contracted by mosquito bites and you can easily avoid this. Dengue for that matter is passed by a mosquito that bites during early hours of the morning, so going to bed with full sleeved clothing would be a great idea too.

– Having good insect repellents at home would help a lot too. Driving mosquitoes away from home would be a great way to keep yourself safe. For that matter, if you have water deposits any where near your home, make it a point to have them covered or removed. Mosquitoes breed in stagnant water and this can be easily avoided.

– The most important of them all though is to make sure you are taking a doctor’s opinion for a fever or an infection you get. Treatment for Malaria, Cholera or Dengue has to start early and it helps if it is detected right at the start. With the different kinds of diseases out there, it is always suggested to get a headstart in treatment so that you are completely in the safe zone. The moment you feel necessary, speak to a doctor for medication and follow the prescription.

Many of us are unaware of the kinds of symptoms and treatments that are available, but it makes perfect sense to be as prepared as can be. If you have been thinking about ensuring a healthy time for your family – make it a point to get tests for malaria, cholera and dengue done and adopt a healthy lifestyle by drinking only boiled and clean water. Eating out during the monsoon period can be avoided too especially if they might be using questionable water. Eating a healthy, nutritious and balanced meal can help build your immunity in a big way. We think that these diseases are not fatal, but the truth is that many of us fall sick often because of our carelessness. If you think about it, most of such diseases can be easily avoided with just a little planning and precaution.

This monsoon season, make it a point to avoid any chance of falling sick. The more precautions you take, the better the chance of you avoiding any of these diseases.


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