Which Part Of Goa Is Good To Visit? North Goa Or South Goa?


40 degree Celsius, scorching heat, cravings for “nimbu-paani” and weekday blues? Is the same happening with you too? Well, summers are already here and to beat the heat, we can’t think of anything else but VACATION! Yes, that’s right. We all need to skip this hustle-bustle of our lives and need to let down our hair and create some unforgettable memories. When it’s time for holidays we can only think of – GOA. Sandy beaches, crazy parties, lip-smacking sea food and adventurous sea sports. But the dilemma of whether to stay in North or South Goa is never ending. Not to worry we are here to tell you which part of Goa is best to visit – North or South? Not only are this but Air India Offers here to make your trip better and memorable with some exquisite discounts and exciting offerings. Oh, you can thank us later.

Let’s analyse the main differences between North Goa and South Goa and choose which one is better for a dazzling trip this year.


  • Weather: Currently, weather in South Goa will be less humid and hot as compared to North Goa.
  • Beaches: If we talk about South Goa, it has some very soulful and calm beaches with very less crowd. You can relax at the quiet and pristine beaches of this edge with your partner. Some of the famous beaches of South Goa are Palolem Beach, Butterfly Beach, Majorda Beach where you can enjoy exquisite delicacies at the most elite restaurants. You can also explore the virgin sand of Tiswadi Island with your beloved for a perfect romantic weekend getaway.
  • Places To Visit: The grandeur of South Goa’s buildings is definitely unbeatable. While North Goa has some spectacular beaches, South Goa is best to have a serene and calm holiday with some of the famous churches like Rachol Seminary, Our Lady of Hope Church, Velim Church and Three Kings Church
  • Shopping: If you’re a lover of collecting memories, then South Goa is your thing. They are less crowded which makes you enhance your bargaining skills and you get something or the other to take back to your loved ones. So hit the Palolem market, Colem market and Caculo market and shop till your pockets weep.
  • Cuisines: While North Goa offers lots of street food delicacies, South Goa is full of mouth-watering dishes. Try some delicacies in the feni production part of Goa from Martin’s Corner and The Village Square that will soothe your taste buds.
  • Nightlife: Suave and elite – that’s what South Goan parties are comprised of. Under the shed of your luxurious resort, there is a lively party waiting for you. Visit Silent Noise Club and Leopard Valley.
  • Sightseeing: Scared of wildlife? Not to worry let’s meet the dolphins! Dolphin sighting will be the ultimate experience for you in South Goa. You can visit Cabo De Gama and Rachol Fort while in this part of the town.


  • Weather: North Goa will be a little more hotter than South Goa these days in the afternoon, keeping in mind that both the sides enjoy tropical weathers.
  • Beaches: If you’re a fun loving person, who likes to see people around then North Goa beaches should be your choice. North Goa beaches have the best electrifying vibes and happening beaches. The party animals will be delighted visiting Baga Beach, Vagator Beach, Anjuna Beach and Calangute Beach for sure. You can also enjoy the jazzy parties, water sports and street food when at the popular beaches of North Goa. As they are famous, the beaches of this part of the town are a bit crowded.
  • Places To Visit: We are not unaware that Goa’s architecture is beautiful and the catholic buildings are spell bound. The Portuguese style adapted by the convents and the churches commemorates the past of Goa. You can relax, feel the vibe of Goa at North Goa’s unexplored places such as Church of St. Catherine, St. Antony’s Church and Church of St. Lawrence.
  • Shopping: Cheap, stylish and bohemian vibes – that’s what you get in the markets of Goa. You can’t miss to shop those floral dresses, summer hats, colourful slipper and junk jewellery from the markets of North Goa. Flea markets of North Goa sells clothes, jewellery and souvenirs for hard core shoppers and bargainers. While crashing the beguiling beaches of North Goa, a visit to Anjuna market, Arpora market and Maposa market should be on your list.
  • Cuisines: Are you hungry? How can we forget the food after spending the entire day at shopping? North Goan cuisines with loads of pepper and seafood cannot be missed. There are a whole lot of beach shacks and hotels serving delicious and Goan cuisine. You can’t miss Goa’s special Kaju drink, Feni and try out Fellini’s Pizza and Matsya Freestyle Kitchen for seafood.
  • Nightlife: Your nights are sleepless in the most happening place – Goa and North Goa tops the list. The never ending beach parties of North Goa make night brighter than the days. Most of the young crowd groove to the music of the famous DJ’s with flashy disco lights. Hit the dance floors of Cafe Mamo’s and Tito’s club with your buddies.
  • Sightseeing: Goa can take you through the famous forts and wildlife sanctuaries that were featured in many Bollywood movies like “DilChahtaHai.” Thinking about standing on the same place where your superstar was shot and clicking pictures? North Goa is favourite for adventure travellers. You can visit Mhadei Wildlife Sanctuary and Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary for some awesome pictures.

While North Goa brings you all backpacking feels with cheap food, stay options and wild adventures, South Goa is to let your hair down, breathe a little more, create some memories with your partner and enjoy the luxurious vacation. North Goa or South Goa? We leave up to you. But when in Goa don’t forget to smile….


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