4 Signs to Know That Your Web Design Isn’t Appealing to Your Audience


As a business owner that’s exploring the virtual route by launching a website, the site’s primary function should be to provide concise and sufficient content that will ultimately turn visitors into prospects.

Every detail included on your website needs to serve a meaningful purpose to the visitor, and that’s why a good web design is a crucial step of this project. With the right web design, your site’s layout and structure can help the visitor funnel their way to your desired outcome through a step-by-step approach. You want to provide a level of satisfaction as impressive as what you’d find in teams issuing some serious displays in super bowl lines.

But what happens if your analytics conclude that your website isn’t drawing visitors to claim any special offers? Or maybe the calls to action aren’t resulting in any action at all. All these factors have a significant influence on telling you whether or not your web design is appealing to your audience or not.

The 4 Signs to Look Out For

1Low Response Rates

Low response rates from website visitors can be evident for several reasons like:

  • Not being fully optimized for mobile users
  • Not having responsive breakpoints in place
  • Not using defined typography (an arranged technique to make written content appealing and readable when published)
  • Not using a pre-designed layout or theme to launch your website

What could seem like a dismissable idea to your brand could mean the difference between you and your customer closing a sale. It can easily make marketing campaigns like CTAs (call-to-action) be in vain when visitors cannot respond to your suggestions because of the responsive measures that aren’t fully effective.

Either way, each detail involved in your website’s responsive design has to work to appeal to the visitor. Suppose visitors experience slight glitches and challenges when visiting your website, even with the smallest detail. This could easily become unappealing to the visitor resulting in a disinterested visitor and a low response rate.

2Underwhelming Sales and Leads

Your website’s web design must be designed in such a way that it creates a funnel approach that easily works hand-in-hand with your marketing motives. It must take the visitor through a step-by-step process that will lead the visitor right to where you want them to be.

The web designer’s responsibility is to ensure that a website is always modern, relatable, clean, and organized with leading functions and features to make the shopping and browsing experience friendly. By considering all these factors, your visitors can deem the site as credible, this way, increasing sales and generating leads.

3Poor Reviews

There could be several reasons why your website may be receiving negative reviews and poor feedback in general. However, one of the reasons could be poor web design.

Your web designer always has to ensure that the design elements on the site are always consistent and work in a unified manner. This builds trust and makes your brand look reliable and worthy of connecting with. There are several features and functions that are now developing that all work to build brand credibility. If your web design is outdated, you could easily miss out on convenient features like live chats that encourage a more responsive approach to customer support.

When your web design is modern and constantly updated and improved, you’re gradually building an emotional connection with your visitors. This could boost positive reviews about your overall brand.

4Poor SERP presence

SERP (Search Engine Results Page) represents the results found on Google when searching for your brand or keywords linked to your brand. If you have a poor web design that’s also managed to affect a user’s experience, this could cause your site to have a high bounce rate resulting in your site being ranked in lower search results.

Hosting a web design focused on SEO could rank your website among higher search results, making your brand visible and more appealing to your audience.

In Conclusion

By investing in quality web design that can produce effective and efficient steps, your website can become appealing to the right audience and ultimately generate the results you’re looking for.


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