9 Signs That You May Want to Start Considering Divorce


Are you contemplating divorce and unsure of which steps to take? Ambivalence is quite normal, and there’s no sure way to know you are making the right choice. Ending a marriage is one of life’s biggest decisions, and before making that choice, consider these signs that it may be time for a divorce.

Marriage is Sexless

 While every couple has the occasional dry spell, if it goes on for six months to a year or longer, there may be a problem. Though sex isn’t the only factor in a good marriage, it’s a crucial one. However, if it’s turned into a power struggle or a never-ending rejection, looking for a divorce lawyer may be the next step.

An Inability to Compromise

 Every couple argues, and it’s perfectly normal to do so. If you find yourself repeatedly arguing the same points without settling anything, though, it may be time to consider ending the marriage. A successful marriage requires a certain degree of give-and-take, and if either spouse is unwilling to compromise, things may end.


Most of us think that affairs are purely physical in nature, but sex isn’t the only way to cheat on your spouse. If either person is having an emotional affair with someone, it’s time to show some respect and conclude the affair or seek a divorce.

Familiarity Keeps Breeding Contempt

Disagreements are inevitable; it’s how they’re handled that makes the difference. If every disagreement devolves into verbal abuse, or if you’re always giving each other the cold shoulder, that’s a sign of an impending divorce.

Unsuccessful Marital Counseling

For marriage counseling to be successful, both spouses must commit to working on themselves and the relationship. If the effort is one-sided, it’s a waste of money and time. In these cases, divorce may be a better option than marital counseling.

Any Form of Abuse

If you’re in a marriage that involves hitting, slapping, shoving, or threats, leave immediately. Physical abuse is unacceptable no matter who’s doing it. If you allow it to continue, you’re putting yourself and the rest of your family in danger.

No Trust

Healthy marriages require respect, love, and trust. If spouses are contemptuous and mistrustful of one another, it may be time to end the marriage.

Continuously Negative Interactions

 Married life isn’t always a bowl of cherries. According to the experts, there should be five positive spousal interactions for every negative one. If you’re always interacting negatively, it might be time to consider divorce as an option.

An Inability to Communicate

Are you reluctant to share your thoughts and feelings because you’re afraid that it will start an argument? Are you always biting your tongue, or does your spouse simply refuse to listen? Are your needs met? If you can’t communicate and share with one another, the marriage may be nearing its end.

In Closing

When you’re contemplating divorce, ask yourself the following questions.

  • Is there a lack of sex in my marriage?
  • Do we refuse to compromise?
  • Are we contemptuous of one another?
  • Is there infidelity on either side?
  • Do we respect and trust one another?
  • Have we tried counseling without success?

If you’ve answered “yes” to these questions, it may be better to end the marriage than to allow it to continue. Contact a local divorce attorney to learn about your options and to protect your legal rights as your marriage ends.


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