Significance of Email Verification


For every digital marketing company that is out there, making note of the email addresses is also a vital part of the job. This needs to be done on a routine basis since you would be sending out your corporate sales emails to them pertaining to your product or any service that you or your company provides. There could be instances when those email address would be spammed, in other words not genuine; which could result in serious business complications. You need to understand the fact whether this email is real or is it just a bogus one which is where the concept of email list validation comes in.

Email validation is very much synonymous to a protective and a secure layer which protects your existing email marketing campaign. You need to keep your list of emails away from the fake ones, the spammers and the bogus ones that would unseeingly incriminate your data and that will affect your key deliverables. A proper email validation service will eliminate any remote possibility of such issues and would result in a stabilized campaigning of your emails.


A Sender Score can be thought of as a credit score in terms of genuine emails that are being sent to the respective addresses. It shows you how the recipient’s mailbox responds to your emails that accordingly gauges up the score. If you have a great score, then the possibilities of your emails getting spammed are minimal to zero; and the reverse is completely true as well. But how does email validation affect your Sender Score, here are the reasons why,

  • Hard Bounces: There are many email validation tools which are not able to figure out the primary difference in between the genuine IDs and the fake ones OR it has been configured incorrectly thereby sending your emails to the inactive IDs as well. In such cases you experience something called a hard bounce which as per the namesake, bounces your email right back at you. If you are a repeated “hard bouncer” then it will affect your Sender Score by a considerable amount which is why email validation tools need to be checked out properly.
  • Decreases unwanted spammers: In a normal scenario, companies need to maintain a normal spam rate which is less that 0.1% in totality. This concludes the fact that your email list validation should be correct on every possible count which also includes zero spam-based complaints. It is a good practice thus and should be followed diligently to the core.
  • Blacklist: Your Sender Score will take a toll if you are blacklisted due to continuous spam-based emails. Servers will not accept your emails and would directly rout it in the spam folder. Your email list should be kept clean in this case and you should receive important data from trusted sources so that you can then run a fresh campaign.


  • Beware of faulty sources – Every source cannot be termed as genuine which is why you should have an email list validation in place to prevent any issues. You should select your sources to monitor the quality of services that they provide and also get a background check done just in case.
  • Remove dormant email addresses – One of the major factors which contributes to a steady decline in your Sender Score includes unengaged and dormant IDs which unnecessary clog up your mailbox. Remove them permanently so that you don’t chance a risk of hard bounces and other such issues.
  • Verifying your emails – Real time email list validation is also a great way to weed out addresses that are literally of no significance. You should make a habit of siphoning off everything on a quarterly basis so that things stay smooth and updated.
  • Email checker extension – The best solution for professionals who give preference to quick workflow. The extension works right in the browser and checks the emails on-the-go. Simply add the verified email addresses into the necessary email list and start the first email campaign.


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