How to Sell Art Online and Make Money: A Step-to-Step Guide


Nowadays, everybody is trying to get a hold of every opportunity they can get using the internet. Every business wants to be seen and recognized online. It may seem that establishing an online presence is a complicated work of art in itself. But, the methods are usually simple, easy, and sometimes, even for free. Below is a simple guide on how you can utilize the world wide web to your advantage as an artist.

Step 1: Establish an E-Commerce Platform

Creating your website and online art store has never been easy. You can choose from many available website builders like WIX, Squarespace, Shopify, WordPress, and many others. These website builders will let you customize your art gallery without complicated coding. Layouts, colors, fonts, and designs are available, which you can mix and match depending on your artistic taste.

Creating and editing become more comfortable with their simple application tools. You can experiment with the different looks available right in front of you. So, you won’t need to pay for a designer to do the job for you.

Further, their services are very affordable, and they also offer free plans or free trial period. Thus, you can first try whether it is the right E-commerce platform for you before spending any money. Moreover, these builders will host your site for a very minimal monthly fee. That means one less of a problem for you.

Step 2: Create Social Media Accounts

For your artworks to reach more people, you need to be present on social media sites. Don’t just go with one, use as many as you can like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. These social media networks are the best ways for people to find you. Plus, you can get the chance to showcase your works through photos and videos. Moreover, registering in these social media sites is free.

When you already have existing social media accounts, make sure to engage your existing and potential audience with interesting posts about your artworks. Your works need to make an impression on your audience and not just convincing them to buy. So make sure that the text descriptions, photos, and videos you upload will be able to make a deep connection with your followers.

Step 3: Write Blogs

One of the most effective marketing strategies in this modern age is content marketing.  You can use content blogs to describe your creations in full detail. Your goal is to educate and inform more people about your artworks, and at the same time, keep them engaged and entertained. This approach is different from the traditional push selling but is seated on building trust with your audience. It is a rather subtle strategy that can eventually lead to a sale.

It may sometimes be challenging to think of a topic to write about, but it would help if you will tell real stories about an artwork. People love hearing stories. Be honest, and be careful with grammar and spelling. Most important of all, use keywords that can make people find you a lot easier on the internet through search engine optimization. Make sure that your website descriptions are accurate and match people’s searches. You can use application SEO tools like the Yoast of WordPress. You might also want to take advantage of the free Google My Business for more customer engagements.

Step 4: Expand Your Email List

You can also connect with your targeted audience through an email list. This audience is composed of people who are more likely to purchase your works. Grow your email and contact list through any of the following:

  • Subscribing to your newsletters
  • Online quizzes or survey
  • Pop-up windows like “Hello” bar
  • Online feedback

Step 5: Sell

Now here is the trickiest step. Of course, your ultimate goal is for people to buy your pieces of creations. At this point, you might need a little bit of a sales pitch without sounding too pushy. You want your audience to decide to purchase before leaving your website. You can entice more buyers by giving them discounts or coupons for their succeeding purchases. People get more excited when they receive promotions and discount coupons. For more online discounts, visit and save money on your next purchase.


Selling your artworks online may be a little bit overwhelming at first. There are things you need to remember and do all at the same time. Also, the tools and applications you will need may come at a cost. However, above these challenges, being available and seen online is an excellent opportunity to showcase your artworks to more people. And most importantly, it is the best platform for you to make a sale.


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