New to the Self-Storage Industry? Tips to Help You Manage Your Facility


If you are new to the self-storage industry, welcome. It is going to be a fun road to be on and you will enjoy every moment of it. As you start to get into the groove of things, you want to make sure that you are running and managing your business as best as possible to ensure that your employees are happy and that you are profitable. Of course, you want your customers to be happy with your services as well.

Below, we will look at some of the best tips to help you properly manage a self-storage unit in this fast-growing industry. You can also find more information here:

Take Time to Train Your Employees – There’s No Substitute

You do not want to skimp or slack when it comes to training your employees. Your employees are the face of the company and they are the first person that your customer sees. It is vital that you make sure your employees are trained correctly and that they always present themselves professionally.

As you start to think about a training program for your employees, think about what you want your employees to be responsible for and peek at similar training programs and videos to help guide you.

Minimize Errors and Delinquent Accounts

One of the things that can ruin your business from the start is errors and delinquent accounts. Of course, there will always be an error somewhere and someone will always default on their payment agreement. It happens.

You should always anticipate that some of your customers will be late now and then, but you want to limit how often this happens. High delinquency rates will affect your bottom line and you will suffer in the end.

One way to handle delinquencies would be to put a strict policy in place that does not allow the delinquent account to continue to drag further and further out.

Always Market Your Business

You want to ALWAYS market your business and gain as many customers as possible. Remember, you oversee your future and the future of the business. No one will know that you exist unless you make it known, so get out there and shout it to the world.

If you are in a prime location, you have that benefit going for you, but you still need to reach out to other consumers. Think about TV commercials, mail advertisements, flyers, and more. You can even offer an array of discounts to these customers and if they come into your office, save them money on a unit one month.

Take Charge and You Will See the Benefits

Your storage facility will need to be run in a fashion that allows you to oversee everyone’s duties and brings in customers while retaining employees. You may find it difficult to get into the swing of things at first, but you can do it and you can always hire someone to help you through the process as well. Your storage business will be as profitable as you make it.


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