For Full Entertaining Weekend, Take a Drive to Weekend Resorts


We all look forward to weekends for some outings and to spend some quality time with our family and friends. At home, we are always busy with work so a place outside the house is an excellent option for spending some quality time together. The get together, no wonder gives reasons to smile but,weekend resorts near Bangalore have more to offer than just: smiles. It will make you giggle, blush, shout with excitement and more, through its various playful activities.

It has an array of indoor and outdoor games that you will be spoilt for choice. Your one visit is not just enough to enjoy its multiple activities. It has board games, water sports and thrilling activities to promise a full entertaining weekend. The assortment includes creativity, ice breaker, Parasailing, Paragliding, river rafting, helium stick, etc. The list is endless.

When you log into hotels in Nandi Hills, you get a pleasant welcome from the Mother Nature. The refreshing breeze fills your lungs with air of life. You feel energized and relaxed. The pristine environment helps you get connected with the nature. Explore the natural beauty during dawn and dusk time when nature is at its best. The best picture of nature’s painting is better views of the hills and for you, this is the place.

With vast open area at Masinagudi tourist places, the dream of flying like a bird is realized through Parasailing and Paragliding. Try trekking for touching new heights and to recognize your internal potential. These activities are performed under an expert and skilled supervision that assures you complete and total fun. Try something like Zorbing that helps you walk on the water, unbelievable isn’t it? Yes, but made possible at the named venue.

The mesmerizing viewpoint of snow laden hills, captures your mind. The morning dew on the grass and plants presents wonderful view. The soothing dew is a treat for an eye. Many beautiful birds visit the place during the spring season so this is the right time to catch their glimpses and capture them in your camera. Don’t forget to carry extra battery power with you as every place calls for many clicks.

There are many popular temples that reside in its vicinity. So your visit can be clubbed together with visiting to these temples as well. All necessary arrangements are made by the helpful staff so that you carry back an unforgettable experience when you leave the place.

Tasty and mouthwatering food is served to guests. As it’s organically grown its tasty and healthy. All local cuisines are treated to your taste buds. Get connected to this healthy, wonderful and unforgettable experience of enriching holidays that is rare to be found in cities.


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