See Your Attorney Right After a Road Accident


Mission Viejo in California is not much of an accident-prone area. Data from shows that in 2016, there were only six documented accidents that had fatalities in the city. However, one fact remains- accidents always have serious consequences afterward.

Even if there were no fatalities, the victims could end up with serious injuries. Coping with injuries always comes with huge costs that are often beyond the capability of the victim to settle.

This is where an expert car accident attorney mission Viejo ca, be of assistance. This legal professional will help you recover financially in the aftermath of a crippling accident from which you sustained life-changing injuries.

Why You Should Consult a Lawyer After an Accident

Under the law, you have rights as an accident victim to pursue the other party for compensation. Car accident lawyers are well-versed in the processes and the language of the law. They can make sure that the compensation you receive is fair and justified.

So, if you want to go after the person or party that caused your serious condition, call a lawyer right away. The best person to plan your next moves in court would be a car accident attorney in Mission Viejo, CA.

Generally, lawyers advise victims on what documents to prepare and specify what actions they can and cannot take. Thus, your lawyer’s directives ensure that nothing will jeopardize your claim until you receive due compensation.

First Steps to Take After an Accident

You can strengthen your case further by taking the following actions even before you see your car accident attorney:

  • See a doctor immediately

Feeling fine after an accident? That could be due to adrenaline. Once the shock wears off, the pain and the injuries begin to manifest. That is why you must visit a doctor 24 to 48 hours after your accident. Even better, you should admit yourself to a hospital immediately after a severe crash and get yourself checked out.

  • Gather your medical documents

Make sure that you keep your paperwork close. These would include the results of your medical checkup and the receipts of expenses incurred directly as a result of the accident. There will be other documents, but your car accident attorney will advise you about those after consultation.

After taking these two steps, it is time for you to visit a car accident attorney in Mission Viejo, California.

Which Attorney Do You Visit?

Bear in mind that, while they all went through the same training, each lawyer is different from the other. The difference lies in the extent of their expertise and where they built experience early on in their practice.

It is important to research the background of every lawyer who will potentially represent you in court before you commit to a retainer. It is preferable to retain a lawyer who knows not only the intricacies of the laws governing accident claims but also how the insurance companies go about disputing claims.

Arming yourself with knowledge will help you when it is time to go after insurance companies as well as the perpetrators of your accident. With that knowledge, the lawyer will be able to skillfully make a claim for the right amount of compensation for you after an accident.


  1. Always make sure to see the doctor within 24 hours is right on. The Doctor is the one who provides documentation so the attorney an prove your case. Without seeing a doctor, you dont really have a case. Thanks for the article


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