Exuding Professionalism in The World of Finance


The world of finance can be a cutthroat place in which to work. Ensuring that you have a professional edge is of utmost importance. Continue reading for our top tips to ensure that you exude professionalism.

Communicate effectively

Poor communication immediately says ‘unprofessional’. Of course, there can be a whole host of genuine reasons for communication breaking down, but in a competitive industry, you cannot allow that to happen. Not only should you attempt to reply to all emails within a working day, you should also ensure that the tone of your messages is not overly familiar or harsh. At the end of the day, you are not trying to make a friend, rather establish a working business relationship. Face to face meetings should be held in appropriate places and, when dealing with sensitive or confidential issues, it is imperative that these are not carried out in public. That would be the height of unprofessionalism.


Ensure that your website looks clean and classy. That is often the first place that someone goes to find out information about the services you offer. If your website is outdated, this will not help you to bag a potential new client. Blogging is a great way to keep the website fresh and with regular new content. If you do not have time to do it yourself, this is something you can easily outsource. Highlight the recent successes of your business, any awards you might have won, things you have learnt. If you are in any doubt, seek expert advice and then you have a constant source of support.

Your logo represents you. If it is tacky, outdated or amateur, that is how potential clients will view you. Presumably, your logo will appear on your website, your letterhead, your business card and your email signature, so be sure to make sure you have one designed that represents the brand you want to create. A professional logo will be sleek, attractive and not overly colorful.

Dress to impress

You cannot go wrong with a well-fitted, good quality suit. It is something you are going to need to wear on a regular basis, so try not to scrimp on the amount you spend. Buying cheap suits often results in you needing to replace them within a fraction of the time that a better one will remain perfect for. Partner a dark suit with a colored tie. If you have gone for a less traditional suit, opt for dark and black ties.

Be receptive to learning new things

There is a huge difference between coming across as knowledgeable and seeming to be a know it all. Which would you rather be viewed as? Being static within your career will do you no favors whatsoever, so be receptive to continued professional development. When someone tells you something about a possible recession, research or verify it and then take it on board. If a training course opportunity presents itself to you, go for it. It is the chance to learn new things or even updated ways of carrying out certain tasks. It is impossible not to move in the world of finance as everything is constantly changing and that is why you ought to show willing to do the same.


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