Top Safety Measures to Prevent House Fires


House fires are horrendous and leave a lot of damage and destruction in their wake. They can claim the property and lives of the people of Ireland in a matter of minutes.

It is estimated that roughly 20 people died from house fires in 2016 and that number doubled to 40 in 2017, according to a report on fire safety in Ireland. These are people who lost their homes and possessions, and some of them probably could have been prevented.

We work hard to earn money to provide a roof over our family’s head. The home is a rather large investment that some people save a lifetime for. It is a terrible thought to realize that in the blink of an eye it could all be gone. Fire spreads quickly and no one is prepared for it to happen.

Take precautions early. The old saying goes,”An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” meaning that it is better to prevent something from happening than try and remedy it afterward. This is true in most every case. Here are some things you can do to increase your chances of preventing damage to your home and possessions from fire.

Fire Extinguishers

Keep 2 working fire extinguishers nearby in areas where fire could occur. Fires typically break out in kitchens and near fireplaces more often than other areas. These can put out the flames quickly before any damage occurs.

Smoke Alarms

Install smoke alarms in main living areas and bedrooms.Test the device and  batteries at least once per month.


Unplug appliances and devices when not in use. Change broken wall outlet covers to avoid fire and possible electric shock. Periodically check cords for splits and discard if damaged. Also, if a cord gets warm or hot while using it should probably be replaced. Do not use space heaters in unventilated areas or while sleeping. They can be tipped over by small animals and present a fire hazard.


Keep dish towels away from the stove when in use. Oven mitts and folded up tea towels are regularly seen in kitchens for handling hot pot lids. If they get too close to the stove burner they can ignite and fire spreads quickly. As a preventative measure

always keep a container of salt near the stove to quickly extinguish pan fires.

Preventative Measures

  • Do a routine house check once per month.
  • Check and change furnace filters.
  • Make sure ashtrays are emptied into a fire safe container.
  • Unplug or turn off all electrical devices before bed.

Make a Safety Plan

  • Know when a fire is too big to extinguish yourself and call for help.
  • Plan an escape route and agree on a meeting place outside.
  • Designate someone to call local Fire Services and get everyone out safely.

Implementing safety practices in the home is one way to prevent a house fire. Even with the best prevention measures sometimes fires do occur. It is beneficial to also carry home insurance to help recover your losses and protect your family. It’s always wise decision to visit home insurance comparison website to select the best cover as per your need. Some possessions can never be replaced, but it helps to have the resources to start over if you need to.


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