The Five Best Holistic Approaches To Getting Rid Of Fiesty, Chronic Candida


Those who suffer from persistent irritating yeast infections or thrush know the despair that often comes with trying to rid the body of Candida Albicans permanently – only for a new infection to arise. This gut bacteria, if left untreated, can overrun the good bacteria and lead to a weakened immune system. Unchecked candida can be so insidious that far from being confined to the genitals, it can also take root on the scalp and manifest as oral thrush. In fact, this feisty fungus is one of only three categories of fungi that lead to an approximate one million deaths a year globally.

Doctors stubbornly continue to treat thrush with antibiotics and antifungal creams, which actually compromise long-term wellness. Not only do these provide temporary relief only and address the symptom not the cure, but they also compound candida overgrowth in the long term. Antibiotics upset the natural balance of gut flora, which then need to be corrected with probiotics. Probiotics need to be reintroduced to the gut to help stave off thrush and intestinal diseases such as IBS, leaky gut, food allergies and even chronic fatigue syndrome. In some cases, prebiotics may also be required. Controlling candida overgrowth requires a multi-prong approach comprising improving immunity, making dietary changes, maintaining good digestive health and using pre- and probiotics. Using natural supplements to fight this fungus on all fronts certainly help. But the sheer number of products available can be confusing. Try a site such as Scams Review to help you discern the gimmicks from the truly great supplements.

Improve immunity holistically

Luckily, the rules here are fairly simple and have remained unchanged for decades. Avoid toxins such as smoke and alcohol, exercise regularly and practise good hygiene. A diet rich in whole grains, fruit and vegetables is essential so your vitamin and nutrient intake remain high. Also get good quality rest as the stress hormone, cortisol, weakens your immune system.

Pack in the probiotics

Plain, unsweetened yogurt is probably the best and most well-known of the probiotic-rich foods. Make sure to purchase yogurt with live cultures though. A good probiotic supplement is also essential. There are many interesting nutritional probiotic sources but realistically, you probably won’t be able to ingest all of what you need all the time.

Refine your diet

A complete dietary overhaul isn’t necessary – the verdict is still out on whether following an anti-candida nutritional plan with precision actually works. There are, however, a few significant changes you can make.

Thrush isn’t called a ‘yeast overgrowth’ for nothing. There is enough clinical data to link commonly rampant candida to sugar and yeast. Eliminating gluten and cutting down on carbs – which is broken down into glucose by the body – has also been proven to help. Beware of sugar and yeast that creep into your diet from unlikely sources though. These include alcohol and sugary fruits, glutinous grains (including many Low GI ones), processed foods and fast foods.

Treat it with powerful natural remedies

Some studies have shown that chronic candida has been far more successfully treated with natural astringents and antifungals. One of the most promising natural remedies to have emerged in recent years is apple cider vinegar, both applied to the affected area, and consumed in warm water or with salads daily. Adding lemon to the water lessens the piquancy.

This natural wonder-food contains enzymes which stimulate the growth of the healthy bacteria so the candida is literally run out of town. Secondly, it restores the body’s natural pH balance. Thrush thrives in excess alkalinity.

Antifungal and antibacterial oils such as coconut, lavender, peppermint, aloe and tea tree oils are also lethal fighters in the battle against candida.

If you go the natural supplement route, look for one that balances pH levels, has a good vitamin B and C component to encourage essential nutrient uptake, and contains antifungal and soothing agents.

Rest, exercise, reset

This will help you maintain overall well-being, balance serotonin levels and keep your cortisol levels appropriately low. The moment the adrenal system has to kick into action, it has implications for your immunity as a whole.

Candida can be beaten – it is simply a matter of being more clever than this fighter of a fungus and turning your body into an graveyard rather than a funfair for fungal infections.


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