8 Resistance Band Exercises for a Total-Body Workout


Folks who are looking for a good workout even in the confines of their home may do so with the aid of one simple thing – a resistance band. It is an easy to use solution for individuals looking to earn a sweat and burn some calories using fitness products other than the usual dumbbells or weights normally seen in the gym.

Resistance bands are normally used for strengthening exercises, particularly for people who need help in rebuilding muscles, especially during physical therapy sessions. They do come in different shapes and sizes, originally made from surgical tubing. They are flexible and lightweight, not to mention something that is reasonably priced.

There are different types of exercises one can do with a resistance band. Available in different forms and sizes, their resistance levels is what is important for people in need of strengthening exercises. Here are some of the things you can do with it.

1. Rotate, lunge and row

Those who want to build on their lower extremities such as the legs and abs can do simple rotate, lunge and row exercises with a resistance band. Simply fold the resistance band in half, bend the elbows and stretch it as wide as you can to the chest and make sure to keep the shoulders down. From there, row and rotate your torso while lowering into a lunge. Simply repeat it rotating to the left and right to feel your abs getting tighter as your repeat the routine.

2. Sliding Pie and Squat Pull

From a standing position, pull a folded resistance band with both hands and hold it above your head. Step your foot out to the side and bend both knees and stretch the band as you pull it to the chest level. Abs should become tight through repetitions and also help develop the inner thighs. Some awesome compression wear should help maintain the muscles and blood flow.

3. Adding Resistance to pushups

Push-ups render different results depending on how often one does it. To make it more challenging, stretch a resistance band along with your back and under your armpits. Holding on to the ends of the band try to do the pushups with some elastic force coming from the back.

4. Front curl and press

Hold on to the ends of the resistance band with both hands and step on the middle with your foot. Lunge the other leg forward and curl the ends of the band to the body, keeping your elbows tight by your side. This helps build the biceps, legs, and chests with results likely to come out after some weeks of religious workouts.

5. Reaching rear row

This exercise starts with a split with one of your feet forward. Step on the center of the resistance band with both ends with one hand. Lunge and reach for the foot on the resistance band. The longer one can pull it backward would be best to get good results on biceps, the legs, and back.

6. Leaning twist

From a sitting position, loop the band around your feet with knees slightly bent. Hold on to the ends of the band and try to hinge back by twisting your upper body either to the right or to the left. As you lean back, keep your spine naturally arched, chest lifted, and abs engaged so you don’t collapse into your lower back.

8. Triceps press

Again from a sitting position, do the same looping of the bands to your feet and knees slightly bent. The focus here is to press the band behind the body with the backs of your arms. One can increase the resistance when lowering the grip on the hand.

9. Bridge Kick Press

From a lying position and face up, have the heel of one foot touch the ground with the other looped with the band. Hold onto both ends evenly with arms bent. Lift your hips off the floor and extend the leg whose heel is touching the floor to about 45 degrees. After achieving the set number of repetitions, change legs and do the same. This exercise will help build on one’s butt, legs, and shoulders.


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