Relocating A Problem? Here’s How You Can Relocate on A Budget


Relocating is an expensive affair – security deposits, the cost of movers and the time consumed in moving and packing make it even more pricey and heavy on the pocket. However, when planned with perfection and well in advance, moving to a new house or a city becomes hassle-free and easy on the pocket as well.

So, if you are planning a move and your budget is tighter than Santa’s belt, here are some cost-saving tips that will undoubtedly help you relocate on a budget.

Organise a Self-Move or Hire a Low-Cost Mover

One of the best ways to move on a budget is by planning a self-move with the help of your friends and family. However, a self-move is only possible if the distance to the new home is short, there are no fragile items to be moved,and you have a prior self-moving experience. If the new home is far and you cannot afford a premium moving company, try contacting local vendors who get the job done at half the cost. The trick to finding a low-cost moving company is requesting quotes from 3-4 vendors and then choosing the best out of the options. However, be sure of enquiring about the company before handing over the stuff to them.

Sell Things You Don’t Need

There is no doubt that two moving trucks will cost more than one. Analyse all that you own and take on those things that you actually need. What about others? Well, sell them. The two benefits of selling things that you don’t need are –

  • The fewer items you take, the less money you pay for the transportation cost
  • The moving budget slightly increases with the money you earn from selling things

Go through everything that you own – one by one. Ask yourself if you will really use them in the future. Carrying unnecessary items will only eat up space in the new house and more of your savings,in the end.So be ruthless in your decisions and sell everything that you don’t use. Follow this rule – any item that has not been used in over 12 months is not worth keeping.

Seek Help from Your Friends

If you don’t own a lot of things, moving can be a breeze. With friends moving your stuff to the new home in their vehicles, you won’t have to hire a professional moving company to get the job done. You can also get your good friends to help with the packing and as well as with the sale of items that you don’t want to take to the new home. When there are fewer things to move, this is one of the best ways to keep things within the budget.

Avoid Making Costly Mistakes

Start by requesting a home survey to get a precise cost estimation. Call 3-4 service providers for a survey and weigh the facilities and inclusion they all are offering to make an informed decision. Also, do not make the mistake of accepting the first offer you get, always weigh. Furthermore, shadow the packing professionals all the time, never sign on a blank document, ask the movers to use the right lifting techniques and keep smaller valuables with you. If possible, ask any of your friends to accompany the movers in their vehicle to ensure safety.

Don’t Keep Decisions Pending for the Last Minute

If you already know that you have a months’ time to move, start looking for mover options from day one. Many people contact movers a day or two before the moving date and end up paying a higher price for making last-minute booking. So, if you are low on budget, plan ahead to save big.

Opt for a Personal Loan

If any of the above tips don’t apply to you, the best bet is to get a personal loan that will ease all the financial burden from your shoulder and relocating will become easy. A personal loan will help you hire the best moving company in your city – without worrying about the budget. Hiring the best will ensure safety, timely delivery of your belongings and in some cases insurance as well. Most financial institutions ask for no documentation to sanction a personal loan and also offer a flexible tenure. Moreover, financial institutions like ABFL Direct provide online approval within 30 minutes through their hassle-free application process and ask for no collateral. What more? The disbursal is quick.

Final Words

Follow these tips to have a great moving experience.Remember, making your relocation budget-friendly is simple if you dedicate some time in strategising the move.


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