What Kind of TV Stand Should You Pick for a More Cozy Feel?


Your home is your sanctuary. There is nothing more rewarding than coming home to all the modern comforts you’ve gathered and placed in your home to make it feel cozier. So when it comes to picking out a new TV stand, you’ll want to keep  the relaxing tone you’ve created for yourself.

There are two basic types of TV stands for the contemporary home. The most common TV stand is the basic stand that comes with your TV. This is generally designed to go perfectly with your television, and can be placed on any flat surface you’d like! The other is the wall mount TV holder, that mounts your television on whichever wall you choose.

These two TV stands are both amazing for your home. But is there one that will give your personal sanctuary a cozier feel? When it comes to TV stands, you’ve got a few options to make your home as comfortable as possible!

Large Rooms

The rooms in your home vary in size, and the type of TV stand that will work best in each room will vary as well. The larger rooms in your home will be best suited with a wall mount style of TV stand. Living rooms, recreational rooms, and open floor plan homes will also work best with a wall mounted TV.

Wall mounted televisions work best in bigger spaces because of the visibility from all the different angles in the room. Floating TV stands can be placed higher and angled to accommodate several view-points. So no matter where you are in your living room, everyone has a great vantage point to watch your favorite shows!

They also work well with more high-tech homes, because they look sleeker and more modern. If you have more modern tastes, get cozy knowing the floating TV stand will make the whole room look state-of-the-art!

Smaller Rooms

The smaller rooms in your home, like bedrooms, will need a little more precision. You’ll want to have a specific place that has an amazing view of the TV.  To get a more homely feel in these smaller rooms, regular TV stands would work best. Typically, smaller rooms like bedrooms will also have a smaller TV than in family rooms, so the more basic TV stand would work best.

Situate the TV towards:

  • The bed
  • A game chair
  • A child’s play area
  • Away from the bed
  • However you would like it!

This will make your home cozier because it will be special for each individual room. It’s hard to easily move a wall mount, so when it comes to smaller spaces, keep it simple with the basic stand.

Busy Rooms

Let’s face it, some rooms of your home are busier than others. Kitchens, child’s play rooms, and living rooms tend to be where all the hustle and bustle goes down. So in order to make it comfortable and loving and welcoming, you should first make sure that it is safe.

If you have a television in the kitchen, it is best to have it on a wall mount, away from the sink or oven, and chords away from where you’ll be chopping and dicing. Wall mounts are also good for kitchen televisions because they can keep the TV away from any spills or accidents on the counters!

If you have a television in a child’s play room, the child’s age should be a factor in whether or not you have a wall mount or a regular stand. Regular stands are more prone to falling when bumped, and shouldn’t be used in rooms where small children can easily knock it over. Feel comfortable by knowing that your family is safe and secure in your own home!

Comfy and Cozy

When you’re in your own home, you should feel cozy in every room! Deciding to use a regular TV stand, or a floating TV stand is easy once you know what works best in every space. If it doesn’t make you feel warm and fluffy, you can always change what’s not working in your house or apartment. It’s your personal space, make it work for you so that you can feel at home!


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