The Relaxing and Quiet Side of Mykonos


The cosmopolitan character of Mykonos is well-known and an example of the successful tourist course and the result of many factors, such as the island’s beauty, the hospitality and the hard work of the inhabitants. What is not widely known is Mykonos’ quiet side, including the island’s cultural heritage, its rich history, its religious and social character and the customs, which are embodied in the modern way of life.

A visitor can look for authentic moments such as a breakfast in Gyalos, the visit to unorganized beaches, quiet walks in the magical countryside, the visit to various monuments such as Armenistis Lighthouse, monasteries, ancient Delos, museums, archaeological sites. This is the relaxing side of Mykonos, which offers great experiences to anyone who wants to discover it.

If you are aiming for relaxing vacations at Mykonos, our first advice is to rent one of Mykonos Luxury Villas. Staying at beachfront family villa in Mykonos will let you enjoy the peace and serenity of the island and will offer you a high level of privacy.

Remote, virgin, unorganized beaches waiting to be explored

If you are tired of the crowded, noisy beaches of Mykonos, you should visit some of the less organized ones. Beaches like Fokos, Merchia, Fragia, St Sostis and Kapari are still virgin and quiet but also as beautiful as all the beaches of the island are. Before you go, remember to take everything you will need with you as it is more likely that you will find very few or no facilities at all on these beaches.

mykonos-relax beach

Fokos Beach has only one tavern and always has few visitors as it is one of the most distant beaches from Mykonos Town. A part of it is a nudist’s area.

Merchia Beach is located at the northeastern part of the island and has no facilities at all. It is a small sandy beach with deep, crystal clear sea.

Fragia Beach is an idyllic, quiet spot, only accessible by the sea. You will find it next to Tsagari beach.

St Sostis Beach is not far from Mykonos Town and you can visit it by car. You will need to leave your car on the road and walk down to the beach on foot.

Kapari is another quiet, nudist friendly beach, located very close to the organized Agios Ioannis Beach. It is a perfect spot to watch the amazing sunset.

The tranquil and traditional town of Ano Mera


Ano Mera is located almost in the heart of the island, just 8 km from the capital of Mykonos. With a population of 1400 inhabitants, Ano Mera is the picturesque village you will meet on your way to the northeastern beaches. It stands out not only for its classic Cycladic beauty but also for the picturesque alleys and its traditional taverns.

In Ano Mera you will find one of the most important sights of the whole island, the historic monastery of Panagia Tourliani, built in the 15th century. The all-white monastery is right in front of the main square of the village. The square is surrounded by traditional cafes and taverns, famous for their excellent Mykonian meat dishes.

Restaurants and taverns in peaceful locations


Enjoy a relaxing meal in front of the sea by visiting one of the less crowded taverns and restaurants of the island. Most of them offer great traditional dishes based on fresh fish and seafood or meat. Accompany your meal with tsipouro or a local wine and let the sea breeze take away all your stress.

Some of the best relaxing restaurants and taverns are: Spilia at Kalafati beach, Buddha bar at Ornos Bay, Fokos restaurant at the homonymous beach, Kikis tavern at Agios Sostis and Mr Pug at Argyrena area in Mykonos Town.

The serene nearby islands of ancient Delos and Rhenia

mykonos - delos & rhenia

Delos and Rhenia are well known from the excavations and the great culture they developed in ancient times. They are both uninhabited and staying overnight is forbidden. They have beautiful sandy beaches that remain untouched and virgin until today.

A daily trip to Delos and Rhenia will let you see the ancient treasures and also spend some hours of relaxation on their magnificent beaches.  You can visit the 2 islets by the public ferry or a private yacht.


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