The Relationship Between Alcohol Consumption and Criminal Behavior


There is a strong relationship between alcohol consumption and criminal behavior, and many cases prove that. Alcohol can significantly impact the brain, which causes people to get involved in wrongdoings or severe crimes. If you want to know how alcohol consumption can cause violent and criminal behavior, you need to read the article.

When Alcohol Consumption is A Crime?

Alcohol can significantly impact one’s response time, judgment, aggression level, and actions. This is why intoxicated people can be dangerous for themselves and others too. Because of this reason, there are several laws in the United States which classify it as a crime to consume alcohol in certain cases. Some of them are:


DWI or driving while intoxicated and DUI or driving under the influence is considered a crime in the United States. This is because it can be dangerous as well as fatal. Drunk drivers don’t have the ability to make quick decisions, which leads to terrible outcomes. Typically, DWI is much more severe than a DUI, as it indicates a higher level of intoxication. Therefore, a DWI may lead to harsher penalties. However, both can lead to serious professional, financial, and personal difficulties. You may also have to face jail time. Unfortunately, in some cases, police charge people wrongly without any prove of intoxications. This can lead to serious problems for a person. In this case, it’s better to contact an expert lawyer like Austin DWI Lawyer who knows how to save you from penalties and jail.

Minor in Possession (MIP)

Alcohol consumption has an adverse effect on the developing brain. Teenagers and children don’t have the mental, physical, and emotional ability to handle intoxication. This is why the legal drinking age in most of the states of the United States is 21. In addition to it, it is a crime for other people younger than 21 to possess alcohol.

Drunk in Public

Alcohol consumption can make an individual aggressive, loud, and belligerent. This can be dangerous for people surrounding an intoxicated person. To limit the problems, the laws make it illegal to drink alcohol in public places. Thus, anyone found visibly drunk in public or displaying obnoxious behavior due to it will be taken to jail until they get sober. That said, public intoxication laws vary from state to state.

Crimes that Occur Due to Alcohol Consumption

There is a relationship between alcohol consumption and criminal behaviors, which have led to the restrictions mentioned above. Some of the common crimes that occur due to intoxication are:


Most of the cities in the United States have seen a great spike in robberies and other property-related offenses. Around 15% of these robberies have shown a link to alcohol consumption. This happens because alcohol increases a thief’s feeling of desperation, which forces them to steal someone’s property and money. Some of these robbers want to make their lifestyle better than before, while others become repeat offenders. No matter what the reason is, the consequences of robbing can be severe and can lead you to jail, fines, criminal charges on your record, and several other legal problems.

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault may include force touching, intercourse, and kissing. People under the influence of alcohol approximately commit 37% of the total rape cases and sexual assaults. In addition to it, drinking can also intensify the perpetrator’s behavior. Unfortunately, when the victim tries to resist them, the perpetrators become more forceful. Sexual assault is an action when there is no consent or when the victim can’t give consent due to a mental state of intoxication.

Child Abuse

When it comes to the relationship between alcohol consumption and criminal behavior, child abuse is one of the most serious crimes. Money trouble, stress, professional instability, and other reasons can lead a person to excessive alcohol consumption. However, alcoholism doesn’t only cause problems for the individual, but also for their friends and family, including children. Parents who get under the influence of alcohol can cause child abuse and neglect. Around four in ten abusers have confessed to being under the influence of alcohol at the time of the crime. Furthermore, children who have faced abuse at a young age have more chances of developing physical and behavioral problems when they get older.


Alcohol is the most common reason for homicide across the United States compared to other harmful elements such as cocaine and heroin. Not to mention, about 40% of the convicted murderers drink alcohol during or before the crime. The long and short-term effects of alcohol impact a person’s mental state, which leads to an increase in the possibility of involving in violent crimes. According to experienced Austin criminal defense attorney, there is a serious legal punishment for this crime and may lead you to jail for years or the rest of your life.

Getting Help for Drinking Problem

For people who are struggling with alcoholism, rehab plans are the best way to get rid of this addiction. Several treatments are available that help you eliminate or control your alcohol consumption. This helps you to make your life better and stay away from any future problems. Plus, you don’t need to pick a rehab plan only if you get involved in criminal activity. If you think your alcohol consumption level is much more than normal, then it’s better to opt for a rehab plan.

Some types of therapies and treatments that can help you regain sobriety and lead a better life are:

  • Behavioral therapies
  • Anger management class
  • Family support and therapy
  • Group and individual therapy sessions
  • Stress reduction and mindfulness practices.

Excessive alcohol consumption is bad for your health, and it can promote criminal thoughts and behavior.


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