Everything You Need to Know About Corona Kavach Policy


The spread of coronavirus has made us realize the importance of having a health insurance policy to cope with our medical emergencies. The COVID cases are drastically increasing per minute, and there seems to be no way to prevent this deadly disease from spreading in the future.

For most of you, who have been lately confused about buying the right policy, the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (Irdai) has taken appropriate action and introduced the Corona Kavach Policy.

Considering the unpredictable times, we cannot wait till we become COVID+ to take preventive measures. Instead, we must be proactive and be prepared for what may come. It would help if you bought a corona kavach policy from the best insurance company in India to avoid expensive bills at the private hospitals.

This article mentions the features, advantages, and things you must consider before buying a corona kavach policy.

An Overview of Corona Kavach Policy

Corona kavach policy has been introduced to pay for the treatment and hospitalization charges if the policyholder catches coronavirus. This policy covers the entire expenses, including medication and nursing, room rent, treatment cost, etc.

Corona Kavach policy is advantageous as it provides 100% sum insured despite the medical bills. Therefore, if you are the only person who earns in your house, you must get this policy. With this, you can also avail the policy if one of your family members has been hospitalized for 72 hours due to COVID.

Features of Corona Kavach Policy

Mentioned below are the features of The Corona Kavach Policy.

Sum Assured

Corona kavach policy provides you an astonishing sum assured that generally ranges from 50,000 Rs to 1,00,000 Rs.

Comprehensive Coverage Options

The corona kavach policy is available in both family and individual floater options. It ensures that your health and your dependent’s health concerns are covered effectively under this policy.

Covers Hospitalisation Charges

The primary feature of this policy is that it covers all the costs of treatment regarding Covid and the total hospitalization charges.

Waiting Period

The waiting period for a corona kavach policy is supposed to be about 15 days.

Single-Premium Paying Term

Under this policy, you won’t have to pay the term at regular intervals. You will be only required to pay all the premiums at once in a single payout format.

Benefits of Corona kavach Policy

Family Floater Benefit

Covid can be spread easily, and if a person contracts this disease, then there are higher chances that his other family members are also likely to catch the virus. And the corona kavach policy could be advantageous.

It covers all the family members under the policy and provides a 10 % discount to the first insured member, a 20% discount to the second family member, and a 40% to the other members.

Treatment and Hospitalization Advantage

Corona kavach policy gives you complete financial support by covering your medical expenses related to the treatment and hospitalization during COVID. Also, it covers 30 days charges for post-hospitalization and 15 days charges for pre-hospitalization.

Comorbidity Advantage

You will receive this benefit only if you’re susceptible to COVID or if you have any comorbidities.

Ambulance Benefit

Corona kavach policy provides reimbursement for the ambulance prices to you while shifting the patient from your house to the hospital.

Things to Consider Before Buying Corona Kavach Policy


Coverage should be an essential thing that you should always consider before buying a corona kavach policy. This policy only benefits in the case of COVID, it also offers limited coverage.

This may affect the price. Hence, you won’t regret buying the corona kavach policy as this disease is spreading quite at a more incredible speed.

Waiting Period

The waiting period is highly significant in this policy that you should consider as you could be needing the help at any moment. You must be sure that the procedure could be helpful for you in an emergency.


The Corona Kavach policy is quite budget-friendly, and you would only have to pay an amount between Rs 1000to 7000 Rs as per your age. It is also vital for you to choose a reliable company to buy the policy.

Payment Schedule

Payment and renewability are necessary while buying the policy. This policy offers a one-time investment and can provide you security for the future.

The Bottom Line

Keeping in mind the current scenario, you must not get confused about choosing the right health insurance policy. Corona Kavach policy could be the perfect option for you to deal with the crisis of coronavirus. It offers various benefits, and you can explore all that while exploring the plan with your health insurance provider.



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