Caught Drinking and Driving? Here’s What to Do First


Each year, about 1.5 million people get arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

We all know that drinking and driving is illegal, and in a perfect world, there would be no drinking and driving. However, sometimes you make a poor decision and decide to drive anyway. If you find yourself facing a DUI or a DWI, there are a few things you need to know.

Follow this guide to know what you should do if you get caught drinking and driving.

Cooperate With the Police

When you’re pulled over, it’s important that you cooperate with the police. Stay calm and be polite. Everything about your traffic stop from the initial signal to pull over to your arrest will get recorded.

If you try to run away, resist, or fight them, you will earn mandatory additional charges. The entire incident will get put on the record, and it will be harder to fight the DUI charge.


Check your state’s law on what it says about testing. Many states require you to submit to a field sobriety test and then a chemical test during processing. These laws state that if you refuse the testing, you’ll automatically get arrested and charged with a DUI.

The punishments for this kind of DUI charge are harsher because you refused to submit to testing.

Get Your Car Back

Once you’re arrested and transported to jail for processing, your car will get towed. You’ll be notified of which company has it and given the contact information to retrieve it. Contact them as soon as possible and arrange for payment and pickup of the car.

If you choose to leave your car with the towing company you will continue to accrue impound costs.

Seek Legal Representation

While in custody, you will be given the opportunity to call your attorney, but this may not be feasible. Many people don’t have one readily available. You won’t have the opportunity to look one up.

Once released, you can start researching attorneys. You’ll want to hire a lawyer who has experience representing clients who were charged with a DUI in the same jurisdiction as your charge. They will have the most experience and familiarity with the local court system.

For example, Gordon Thompson DUI & Criminal Attorney represents people who have DUI charges in Phoenix, Arizona.

Request a DMV Hearing

You need to act quickly after your arrest because most states give you a limited amount of time to request a hearing. This hearing will determine if you’re allowed to keep your license. Without this hearing, your license will get automatically suspended.

Avoid Drinking and Driving

The best course of action is to avoid drinking and driving. If you choose to drive while intoxicated, you’ll eventually get caught. You’ll then have to face the consequences of drinking and driving.

Follow these tips to ensure you don’t make your situation worse. These tips will also help you get your life and driver’s license back on track.

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