How can I Recover Pictures from a Computer with a Virus?


A virus attack can cause irreparable damage to the computer file system. Computer virus is actually a malicious software program which is deliberately loaded on the user’s computer system with the intent to cause harm. This software program, also referred to as malware, damages the computer system and the data stored in it. Such malicious software programs are capable of self-replicating and trespassing into programs and files to further damage them.

The virus can corrupt or delete files from the system including the pictures and even damage their extensions, making them inaccessible. If you’ve lost pictures due to virus attack, you need not to worry as Stellar Photo Recovery Software is there for the rescue.

How to Recover Pictures from Virus-infected Computer?

Pictures are important in the personal as well as professional world. If they get deleted or corrupted, you may lose precious personal memories or professional photography assignments. However, it is easy to recover pictures from a computer with virus. You just need to find the right software for the job. A good software can easily recover as well as repair corrupt pictures, videos, and audios of any format.

Features to look for in a Photo Recovery Software

An effective photo recovery software should have the following features to declare it as a good one:

  1. Support for Different Storage Media: The photo recovery software should be able to recover deleted photos from various kinds of storage media such as memory cards, SDXC, SDHC, USB flash drives, CF cards, hard drives, CD/DVD, etc.
  2. Support for Various File Formats: The software should be compatible with various multimedia formats such as raster, vector, RAW camera files, videos, and audio files.
  3. User-friendly: The software should have simple and user-friendly process of recovering recently deleted photos. Also, the steps should be easy to execute so that the user can recover pictures and other data without any external help.
  4. Fast: The software’s recovery process should be fast and quick, which should make the entire process of data recovery less time-consuming.

Which is the Best Software to Recover Pictures from a Computer with Viruses?

Stellar Photo Recovery Software for Windows and Mac is the best software to recover pictures from the computer which is infected by virus or any other malware. This software fulfills all the above mentioned qualities. In addition, it offers the following features:

  • The software allows user to add new format, if it is not in the supported list, thus facilitating recovery of all file types.
  • The software recovers the lost data with its original date and time properties.
  • The software also repairs corrupt photos, videos, and audios.
  • The software lets the user scan the pictures at one time and recover them later.

How to Recover Pictures by using Stellar Photo Recovery Software?

Recovering pictures by using Stellar Photo Recovery Software for Windows and Mac is an easy task. Here is how you can do it:

1. Select: Select the location from where the files are deleted.


2. Scan: Click Scan and let the software search for recoverable files in the selected location.


3. Recover: Once the process of scanning is complete, you can preview the files from the list of recoverable files. The required pictures from this list should be selected, followed by clicking on the Recover button. After the process of recovery is done, select the location where you want to save the recovered files.


The recovery of the deleted files from a computer infected by virus is complete, once the pictures are saved.


Stellar Data Recovery India has proven themselves the best in terms of Recovery. With advance and unique features Stellar Photo Recovery Software is the best software for photo recovery available in the market. The user can rely on the software without a second thought and recover pictures, videos and audios of different formats. Once you have invested in this software, you will never have to worry about lost and corrupted pictures, videos and audios in the future.


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