Reasons You Should Not Replace Roof in Fall Season


We are observing the change in weather that are causing the days to get shorter. Yes, it is the time to invite the colder season and put the summer clothes in the bag. We cannot ignore the bad effects of fall seasons on entire house and especially roof. The insane water of previous year nay be accumulated on your roof. The shingles also get damage and also affect the lower surface of the roof. You come to know about these things at a time when you clean the gutters. Brushing off the minor wear is east but maintaining the damage by the tear water and broken shingles is not an easy task. Most of the house owners wait for the winter seasons to damage the roof surface so they can repair it in spring season. However, it is not at all a right strategy because you must take different steps for repairing the roof.

Perfect Weather Conditions

There is no doubt that most of the people like fall season because of the beauty it creates within environment. If you see outside of your house then you can enjoy the breathtaking colorful foliage. People consider fall season as the busiest seasons of the year, but it is actually the season that is idea for weather conditions. There is no sign of unpredictable storms that mostly occur in summer and monsoon so the roofers can also work efficiently. In other words, there is no worry for the roofing companies as the temperature is moderate in this season.

Work with Shingles

One of the common task you can pay attention is the roofing material on your roof. It is easier to install the shingles on the roof. Asphalt shingles are easy to work with and you can use them to beautify your house. These shingles can be installed at 45-50 degrees of temperature. It is important to understand that these shingles easily get separate from each other as they do not stick to one another easily. Such materials are not only less brittle, they are also stick easily in this season. Therefore, whenever your existing shingles get fragile, you have to replace them in 26 degree temperature. Cold shingles can break the old shingles and can bring more problems for you so it is best to start the roofing project now.

Shingles Take Time to Seal

Now another point here is that shingles takes a lot of time for settling down and sealing and fall season is the best time for letting them dry out. The strips of tar-to-asphalt easily melt and form barrier that is more airtight and watertight. It is the barrier that keeps preventing the leakages and damage of water that you can see on your roof. One of the best benefits of working in this season is that the shingles do not easily blow off because of the blustery weather.

Worse form of Holes and Leaks

The snowy season remains unpredictable so it is better to work in fall season to get most of the benefits. The freezing rain can further worsen the current condition of your roof so it is better to repair the small leaks. Heavy snow can cause the roof collapse without giving you the opportunity to take preventive measures. Another bigger problem with roof is that smaller leaks do not create the problems that huge sized leaks mostly crate so it is better to work on the entire roof. You can book appointment with roofing contractors in Canton Michigan (5860 N. Canton Rd Suite 356, Canton, MI 48187) who can guide you for further.


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