Real Estate Marketing Trends to Expect In 2021


The marketing strategy that seemed so innovative just two years ago might feel a bit stale as 2021 approaches. Refreshing your online presence can attract new leads, improve conversions and boost your search engine rankings. If you’ve resolved to bolster the performance of your real estate business in the new year, you need to know about these six top marketing trends currently driving the industry.

Aerial Drone Tours

Buyers want to see the entire community before making an offer on a home. An aerial drone tour provides a lofty overview of the neighborhood amenities and highlights. Consider implementing this feature for a few of your target geographic areas or even for exceptionally large properties in your inventory.

While it isn’t exactly new, video gets more social shares than most other mediums. Invest in professional videography to showcase the most stunning homes in your inventory.

Community Connection

Successful agents strive to position themselves as local experts and community resources. Take that concept a step further in 2021 by enhancing your presence as an online authority. For example, you can publish an email newsletter about the real estate market in your area or host monthly webinars that address frequently asked client questions.

Targeted Landing Pages

This tried-and-true marketing strategy will be ubiquitous for real estate agents in 2021. Use a landing page to reach a specific segment of your audience. For example, you can capture seller leads with a home valuation landing page, which optimizes your site for conversion by capturing an email address in exchange for a reader solution.

Charitable Initiatives

If your real estate brand emphasizes community engagement, sponsoring initiatives to help your neighbors will support that objective. You’ll be increasing your firm’s visibility by making a real difference for local families, whether you organize a holiday food drive or donate a portion of your proceeds to a cause that’s near-and-dear to your heart.

Automated Marketing Tools

If you feel like you don’t have enough time to effectively market yourself as a real estate agent, you’re not alone. Many realtors will take advantage of technology in 2021 to automate aspects of their online strategies. For example, investing in a few personalized real estate social media templates can turn your regular posts into a plug-and-play endeavor, saving time and creating consistency for your brand.

Influencer Campaigns

Partnering with another successful firm can instantly expand the reach of your brand. Take this technique into 2021 by pairing up with social media influencers in your area. Promoting your services to their followers can give your real estate company an aspirational allure that will attract fresh leads. This is an especially smart way to connect with the fast-growing millennial sector of homebuyers.

MAXA Designs has the tools you need to stand out from your competition. Our comprehensive B2B marketing strategies provide access to professional designers, brand consultants, creative directors and social media superstars. The team will create a personalized, branded online platform for your business with the technology to streamline your marketing efforts and increase your profits in the new year. To talk about these trends and explore real estate marketing solutions, connect with us today for a consultation.


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