Why Ray Ming PCB is so special


In all electronic devices, there is a presence of PCB which is installed for the purpose of proper working of electronic products. Usually PCB is designed with so many copper layers.Ray Ming PCB is one of the best superior producers of Printed Circuit Board and they sustain successfully for more than 10 years.  They concentrate on consignment of printed circuit board fabrication. They dedicate yourself to manufacture and sell prominent exactitude and superior compactness two fold surfaces of printed circuit boards and diverse layers printed circuit boards.  The ultimate goal is to provide highest range of overhauling and the superior trade dealings know-how. You will get efficient printing boards at an affordable cost. They make contract with large group of branch information on a yearly nature and erudite to serve up each and every customers.

Why RayMing PCB

RayMing PCB is the best manufacturer of printed circuit board in China.The main goal is to offer superior quality PCM products and assembly services at an appropriate time and with feasible cost. It deals with full PCB manufacturing, prototype and small volume PCB assembled services. It is so popular because it offers one stop shop for PCB manufacturing as well as assembling services and also offers fabrication, resourceful of machineries, and inclusive of all electronic sets of PCB assemblage. It is one of the leading market players in printed circuit board manufacturing as well as assembly. Hence it graded with top three positions among china’s PCB manufacturers. You can even follow raypcb.com  and get more stuff about it.

RayMing Technology is having huge customer base and always shows great result of sales volume. It was recognized and well-known from 2005 and more than 10 years it works marvelous and satisfies each and every customer in an extra-ordinary way. When we talk about full PCB manufacturing of RayMing, it is available with PCB fabrication, Prototype Assembly, short run assembly, components procurement. And in case of prototype and small volume PCB assembly services, you will get short run, quick off, quick turn, high quality with IPC-III, cent percent PCBA testing.

Key Attributes of Ray Ming PCB

RayMing PCB have superior experience in fabrication and they are very much keen about delivery of products and follow huge volumes of sales which make them to manufacture more number of products. The ultimate aim of rayming is to meet all the requirements of the customers and make them to get satisfy by using their company products at an affordable price. It includes

Standard PCB

The working process of standard PCB fabrication starts from procurement of material, photo plotter, central stratum, protect, bradawl, PTH, surface stratum, assessment,  repair details, quality finishing of exterior, prodigy publishing , queries and clarifications, and finally into wrapping.  After completing all these process, it will be ready to sell in the market. By seeing the process itself, all the customers will get motivated to buy the product.

Flex PCB

It is nothing but a showy collection of circuits and materials which can be used in all printing devices, electronic items, hard disk drives, printers exclusively used in personal computers. The materials used here are not rigid and use all materials which is supported with flexibility option.Mostly, Flexible printed circuit boards are used in various manufacturing industries like medical, Aerospace, Military, Telecommunication, Consumers durables and electronics. Industrial and vehicles used for transportation purposes.

Metal Core PCB

There is more involvement of Aluminium PCB, when we talk about metal core printed circular boards. It is notorious for offering efficient thermal indulgence for all electronic products. The thickness of Aluminium circuit board is approximately from thirty mil to 125 mil and any type of aluminum board is available.

PCB Assembly Services

With the strong assembly services unit, RayMing PCB meet the customers with utmost advanced technology and unlimited advantages. The proficient engineers normally go for cross verifying and assess the outline in order to get guarantee and make certain of whether the suitable trial product is made-up and accumulate on the initial trial.

Hence Ray Ming PCB is the one stop shop for all printed circuit board services and not only that but also deals with designing and fabricating the products also. If you face any difficulties or any dissatisfaction, then you will be assisted with the highly professionalized Engineers of Ray Ming and can clarify any queries, if any.


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