The Proper Way to Moisturizing Hair


You have certainly heard it before – moisture has a marvelous effect on dry and rough hair to make it naturally shiny, and healthy. Still, many people struggle with maintaining well-moisturized hair. Natural hair care products like protective styles are enriched with moisture that does an excellent job in preventing dryness and hydrating the hair.

Natural Oils

One of the best weapons for fighting dry hair is natural oil. Coconut oil is a product that is proved to be an all-round savior if you want your hair to reach its full potential. Natural oils are a versatile product since they are also used for dry skin and dehydrated lips. Coat your hair’s ends using natural oil for a few minutes to an hour before washing it up.

Hair Shampoo

Shampoo your hair and scalp. It removes dirt, sweat, and product buildup from styling items. Ensure to wash your hair thoroughly before applying shampoo to hold the moisture longer. It must be free from sulfate to avoid potential damage.

Hair Conditioner 

A cleansing conditioner lightly thaws dust and sweat while simultaneously conditions the hair. There are also leave-in conditioners that provide UV protection so you can still enjoy the summer.

  1. Water-based Moisturizer. If other moisturizer products do not work well for you, then it might be the best time to discover the benefits of using water-based moisturizers. Look for water as the main ingredient along with other natural ingredients such as creams and oils. Use it regularly, especially during colder months.
  2. Moisturizing Masks. Moisturizing or hair masks have naturally-rich ingredients, such as shea butter and honey, to bring back moisture and suppleness of the hair. These are specifically ideal for hair that is damaged as a result of constant hair lightening or coloring, as well as recurrent use of thermal tools.

If you love styling your hair, hair masks prove to be highly beneficial.  It retains moisture and does not damage your hair as much as straighteners and other heating tools.

Use moisturizers only on wet hair. When your hair is wet, that is the only time it absorbs moisture. For those with type 4 hair, use moisturizing masks to style your hair. You can also use this type of moisturizer for some hairstyles like braid outs, twist outs, and cornrows. Allow your hair to set for at least 24 hours after applying.

Do not over-moisturize

While protective styles like moisturizers strengthen your hair for longer hours, it always advised not to over-moisturize.

Over moisturizing is called hygral fatigue, in which you see a reduced elasticity in your hair. When we put moisturizing products to wet hair, it expands to absorb water and other contents from your shampoo and conditioner. During the process of drying, it shrinks back to normal. This constant contracting and expanding can damage the hair. When your hair is over-moisturized, it becomes grumpy, soppy, and limp. It gives a disagreeable greasy look.

If you think you are experiencing any of these signs, make sure to seek help from a hair care expert. An appropriate treatment will be immediately given in case you are diagnosed with hygral fatigue.


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