The News of the World: Read and Progress Towards a Legal Career


Few would argue that taking the time out to read isn’t a good thing to do. As well as personal development, entertainment and enjoyment, reading can help in countless ways and that includes our careers. Here we examine how regularly reading the news can help you progress towards a legal career.

What is News?

With such a lot of stuff available to read, particularly on the internet, it is important to make the distinction between news and everything else – this is not always as straightforward as you think. High quality news is written by journalists or by those who are commenting on subjects in which they have an authoritative voice – they are experts. So, looking at who has written a story or article is a good sign as to its quality and so is the place that it is published.

Essential Legal Reading

For those who are looking to progress towards a legal career, there are many opportunities for extracurricular reading – that is to say things to read other than text books. Examples include publications on the Law Society of England and Wales website, like The Law Society Gazette – here you can also comment and get involved in discussions about the news.

You may also want to explore the websites of expert law firms such as Withers Worldwide that feature news pages and blogs that can prove to be really helpful. In addition to law focused news reading, however, a wider perspective is required for those who are serious about becoming involved in the profession.

A Wider Perspective

Reading around particular subjects and “joining the dots” is what will reinforce the learning that has been achieved through more focused study. For example, it is one thing to understand the ins and outs of the laws pertaining to intellectual property (IP), but an understanding of the types of businesses that this area is important is paramount to being able to practice what has been learned.

Here the options for further reading and cross referencing are wide, but seeking to find expert opinion is always the best practice. Using the IP as an example once more, reading about the business activities of Google or Apple would lend themselves nicely.

As a professional in the law sector, you will be expected to have areas in which you are a specialist, but a wider understanding of the news of the world and the potential impact it may have on what you do is also required – reading about it is the order of the day.


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