Press Release from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


This is to inform you all that on September 8th-10th, all roads will be heading to O2 Arena in London. There will be a function that you and your neighbours should attend. This function will happen in this famous stadium called O2 Arena with the largest population capacity of about 20,000 people in London, United. In fact, this second-highest in seating capacity stadium is expected to the full.

Which function is this?

I believe that all through you have been asking yourself this question. Pastor Chris will be chairing that function. This function will be a conference centered on this deeper understanding that people of God have a higher life which is destined to heaven. Similar to other services of the Church, prayers of opening will start followed by songs to praise the Lord at the end the function. If you love music, the conference will be full of festival music. There will be different activities each day involving well-known artists of the gospel that will be present. Many activities like miracles of healing, videos and the receiving of Holy Ghost by those who believe will be happening on that day.

Function Layout

This Life Conference of a high order will have one session which will be in the afternoon every day. This one session will run over the three days. Opening and registration of the public will be done on Monday, August 7th. It is nice to mention that this holy function will not be free. Each session will cost £1.50; this is a total cost of £4.50 if you will need the whole blessing and attend all three sessions.

Service Opening

On the first day, Friday, August 8th the first service will begin at 6 pm sharp. On the second day, Saturday, August 9th the service will start at 4 pm. And on the last day, Sunday, August 10th, the Service will begin at 1 pm.

Who is this Pastor Oyakhilome?

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome also called as Pastor Chris is a spiritual man from Nigerian and the known inventor of an international church which you can also call “Christ Embassy” This is nothing but a Christian and a biblical ministry. The pastor is believed to be powerful preachers in Africa. His work has spread from Africa to other parts of the world including the current place the UK.

He is recognized in many places for his good did of giving back to the community. He is right in preaching the good news to people, and he has done many miracles of healing overseas. It is believed that has crippling physical afflictions, cured blindness, mental illness, infertility, and many types of blood diseases.

Being a writer, he has written Rhapsody of Realities. This is everyday good information with the most influence in the world. The information has been changed into over 500 world languages so that people can read it. Apart from writing, he has done charity work which includes helping children in Africa.

Recently, with an aim to spread the gospel to many, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and Benny Hinn have started a TV channel which is Christian based. Situated in the US, the channel covers all types of affairs including news. This TV channel is known for its good programs that inspire people from all over the globe. It is the best tool to spread the good news and bring happiness to people who watch its programs.

Lastly, this Higher Life Conference in the UK may come only once in a lifetime. It is high time that you attend to so that you are blessed by the most powerful message which will be coming from the mouth of this great servant of God during the meeting.


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