Common CBD Vaping Mistakes to Avoid


When you explore any new product for the first time, it’s not uncommon to make mistakes. You might not be familiar with any of its intricacies, and instructions for use might not always be clear. Vape products are no different. You’re unlikely to be an expert the first time you use a new CBD vape pen with a cartridge. However, if you can learn about some of the most common vaping mistakes, such as those below, you might be better positioned to avoid them.

Using a Vape Cartridge Without a Battery

Many new vapers ask how to hit a cart without a battery, especially if they lose their battery or it fails, and they still want their CBD hit. Vape cartridges require batteries to produce vapor, with the batteries powering the coil to evaporate the cannabis concentrate.

While many vapers have bypassed the need for a battery by stripping down Android chargers, inserting the black wire into their charger, and touching the red wire to the cart, it’s not a recommended practice.

Playing with electricity comes with risks, and given that vape batteries are inexpensive to purchase, it can be in your best interest to buy a new one rather than strip the wires of an old charger.

Vaping Unsuitable Oil

Some people can assume that you can use any oil in a CBD vape, as long as it’s of an oily consistency, but that’s not accurate. Vape oil might look similar to CBD tincture and even potentially help with the same problems like sleep and stress, but its makeup is different.

Vape oils are made to be heated and inhaled with ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin, while CBD tinctures feature preservatives and chemicals that can be swallowed but not inhaled.

If you decide to vape CBD oils made for oral consumption, you might be putting yourself at risk of serious illnesses such as lipoid pneumonia, where fat or oil molecules from CBD tinctures reach your lungs.

Mixing Nicotine with CBD

There’s no denying that nicotine vape products have been an effective way for many people to quit smoking. However, if you’re not using a vape pen as a smoking cessation tool, you may like to purchase vape carts without nicotine.

While there are many nicotine and CBD blended products on the market, there is a chance that your CBD quality can be reduced through the addition of nicotine. Consider purchasing vape products for each vape oil type and using them separately rather than together.

Not Purchasing Specific CBD Vaping Products

If you’re one of the millions of vape product users in the United States, you likely already own at least one vape pen for regular vape oil. It can be tempting to use the same product for all the many different vape oils you use, but it might not work as desired for CBD vape oil.

CBD vape oil can be of a thinner consistency than standard vape juice, which means you risk your product leaking out of the tank and vent holes, creating a significant mess. Instead, if you’ve decided to begin vaping CBD, purchase a pod-style vape or a specific vape pen that has been designed for CBD use. That way, you can be assured of its efficacy while keeping all your vape oils separate.

Not Researching Before Shopping

It’s easy to assume that any CBD vape product stockist will provide safe products, but that’s not always the case. Some are more highly regarded than others, and some businesses also stock products with better safety and quality reputations than others.

When you start exploring your options, take the time to check out many different online or in-person stores. Get a feel for what they’re selling, check out lab reports, and read the labels carefully to ensure it has the most appropriate information. At a minimum, you should immediately see mention of CBD and THC percentages.

If you’re unsure whether a vape store is one you can trust, talk to friends and family for recommendations. You might even like to read online reviews before making your final decision.

Purchasing the Biggest Bottle of CBD

You might assume that bigger is better when purchasing CBD vape oil, but that’s not always the case. The biggest bottle might be the most affordable option and ideal for when you buy most products in bulk, but it might not contain as much CBD.

For example, if two bottles of different sizes both contain the same CBD volume, the CBD percentage in each vape cart you fill will be much lower. If you believe you’ll run out long before you can visit your preferred stockist again, consider buying multiple small bottles or paying close attention to the CBD concentration in each size.

It’s only natural to make mistakes when you’re new to the world of CBD vaping. However, the more research you do and the more reputable your preferred stockist is, the better your vaping experience might be.


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