10 Common Plumbing Issues That Require Immediate Attention


Plumbing issues are usually a headache, making most people panic during such an issue. They take too long to call an emergency plumber, which results in unnecessary additional costs and repairs. Here are the most common types of plumbing issues that require immediate attention.

1Low Water Pressure

Low water pressure is due to calcium and lime buildup in the pipes over time. If the water pressure is lower than expected, you must immediately call a plumber or take necessary actions. The pipes will burst if the situation is not dealt with promptly.

2Clogged Drains

This is one of the most common household problems worldwide due to the excessive usage of tissue paper and wipes. If the water is not draining properly, it will stink up the place and breed bacteria. Use a plunger to clear the clog; if it doesn’t work, better call a specialist to do the job.

3Pipe Burst

Your pipeline can burst because of corrosion, freezing temperature, natural calamities, and high pressure of water. Get assistance right away, or there is a chance it could destroy the interior of your house.

4Water Leakage

Due to wear and tear in faucets, after some time, there would be water leakage. If left unchecked, it would increase the water bill and damage the flooring and sinks.

5Smell of Gas

If you smell gas anywhere in your house, treat this as an emergency and immediately call the professional plumber. Meanwhile, turn off the gas knobs, open all the doors and windows, and let the air in.

6Toilet leakage

Toilet leakage is common; however, if not fixed quickly, the problem can exasperate. The flush will continuously leak water, making the place damp and increasing the water bill.

7Water Heater Issues

Typically, heater issues can be resolved by checking the pilot light. However, if the problem persists, you must call a plumber to avoid further inconvenience.

8Sewerage Blockage

Sewerage problems are inevitable if you don’t clean the debris regularly. However, it is advisable not to clean them yourself as they can be further clogged down the line. An experienced plumber will get you out of the jam and clear all the blockage.

9Sink issues

Sink drainage issues arise due to blockage in its pipe. The sink will drain the water but at a slower pace. You should use recommended cleaning agents to clear the drain. However, if the water is completely clogged, it’s time to call a plumber.

10Garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is a vital accessory for every kitchen. However, it cannot dispose of all types of garbage, which is the mistake most people make that results in clogging. If this is the case, then only a professional plumber will help you unclog it.

It is always better to think proactively rather than panicking during an emergency. So if your plumbing shows any of the above issues, don’t take a chance and call a plumber.


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