Bitcoin Trading Involves Risks, But They Can Be Mitigated


Trading can be profitable but involves risks. In the case of bitcoin, it is more complicated to understand the amount of risk because bitcoin is a new currency in a completely different form. It doesn’t exist physically. The invention of this digital currency is just like an evolution in today’s economy. Day by day more people are accepting this new form of money and getting into bitcoin trading, stock trading. But some experts are just saying that it is working by the trigger of a trend and emotion. You need to check the last few years track about the whole economic policies and the global database that has affected the growth of the Bitcoin trading moments. So, there are some factors the new investors must know to mitigate the risk while trading bitcoin.

1Decide the amount of money you will invest

The first thing every investor should do is separate a small part of their savings to invest in bitcoin. As a new investor, you might have heard that people invest lots of money and make a good profit out of bitcoin. But you must understand that they are professionals. Trading is not an easy task, especially for cryptocurrencies. So you must invest a small amount first, ideally less than 5% of your entire life’s savings. In case of any major fluctuation, then you can manage, and spread your investment in share, debentures, bonds etc.

2Choose a trustworthy platform

This has also become a tricky job today with the increase of various trading platforms. You should first read the reviews of the platform and then go for choosing the trade platform. So, you must research before you select a platform. You can read about customers’ reviews and choose a reputed platform. Also, get to know the services they provide and what are their rules and regulations. Doing extensive research is paramount here. You can log on to opiniones and get reviews and detailed coverage on the crypto trading platforms and trading apps. This will help you make the right call.

3Understand the bitcoin market as well as the altcoin market

Understanding the market that you are about to get into is more important. You can check out which coin has performed well in the last few years, and which has shown the better trend for growth. So, you must learn to guess the currency’s movement, and this can be done by understanding its records, current situation, and all the factors that are stimulating its price. Not only that, but you also have to know how the other cryptocurrencies are affecting its price movement so that you get a clear vision of the whole crypto market.

4Diversify the portfolio

You surely heard about this strategy to diversify the portfolio in stock trading. Well, the same is applicable in bitcoin trading too. Many other cryptocurrencies are performing well over the last two years. Over that, bitcoin’s price has been reduced a lot from the last year. So, it most importantly should be done that you include some of the best performing cryptos in your bitcoin investment, and not just go with the common ones.

5Have a trading strategy

A trading strategy works like a plan to enter the market and exit it. There are so many strategies you can follow such as day trading, scalping, trend trading, etc. Whatever you choose, make sure that you are buying bitcoin at a low price and selling it at a higher price. Sometimes you may need to switch your strategy according to the market change so don’t be too rigid.

6Don’t set excessive margins

If you set the margin high, there is a chance to lose because of the unpredictable ups and downs of the bitcoin price. Don’t get into the trap of your greed. Learn to take small steps. A margin of 3% would be great enough if you are new. You will have the option to end the trade with minimum loss. You can also gain a good amount if the price increases. Also, if you are too ambitious about dealing in Bitcoins and deriving sudden profit from it, then you are wrong, as you should concentrate on the steady growth of the Bitcoins over a period of time.


Trading bitcoin is a complicated task because of its volatility. But, any tough task can be converted into an easy task by learning, slow movement, and experience. So, start your research on the bitcoin market and minimize your trading risk by following these rules.


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