7 Best Places to Buy A New Mattress


An average man spent more than 7 hours every day on the bed that rounds up around 25 years of his life. The average lifespan of a mattress is 5-8 years hence you should replace it every 8 years. Once your old mattress becomes uncomfortable, start looking for a new mattress. There are plenty of options available in the marketplace. Prepare your own list of requirements that you are looking in your new mattress and choose your favorite place to shop. If you are student, check this Dunelm student discount before buying mattress.

Here are the top 7 Places you can visit anytime to get your dream mattress


You can get almost anything on Amazon, even Mattresses. In facts, Amazon gives you access to all the top brand mattress at a reasonable price. All major mattress brands are available at Amazon online store. You also view customers reviews and rating on each of the product to make your purchase decision easier.

You get 100 Nights trail period to return the mattress if not happy with the Mattress. You will find each and every type of mattress with all the specifications and price range. You often get discounts on the Mattress using Amazon coupons to avail of the benefit during your purchase.


Casper is a renowned name in the mattress industry. Casper is known for its Comfort, Support, and Convenience. It offers three foam options, wide variety in Pillows, Bed-sheets, and Bed Frames. Casper even cares about your cute pet’s sleep hence it sells dog beds too. 100 day trial period is one of its best services available at Casper’s.

If you are willing to shop at Casper just book your order and you will get a free delivery at your house within 3 – 5 working days. If you live in cities like New York, London, Chicago or LA same day delivery is available. Every customer at Casper has nothing to say but only the good things about Casper product. Online and store both options are available.


If you love to shop online? Leesa is the best option to purchase your next mattress. You can visit the Leesa online store to check out all of its mattresses. Like every mattress store, Leesa is happy to offer 100 nights trail period to return the mattress. The Leesa mattresses present their Universal Adaptive Feel™, that claims to be the most comfortable mattress irrespective of your body weight and sleeping style.


Macy’s is one of the protagonists in the world of the mattress. You can either go for online or its in-store, Macy’s has the widest collection of the premium mattress. Brands like Sealy and Serta are also available at its stores. It is the best place to save on your mattress shopping. Macy’s often offers sales on the mattress and furniture at an inexpensive price.


Wayfair’s is best suitable for students and sleeper with a tight budget. Also, If you don’t wish to spend much on the mattress purchase visit Wayfair. All the items are available at a pretty cheap price with wide range of options. Wayfair’s has great one day free delivery on a few of its Mattress in case you need your mattress ASAP. This is a great online mattress shopping place for people on a budget.


When you talk about shopping, Walmart is the first name that comes to your mind. Everyone who like to save while shopping will obviously go for Walmart. Though Walmart does not sell all the premium mattress, it best to shop entire sets. Students and first-time mover to a separate house can enjoy the deals like a bundle and save. Mattress starts from $100 and ranges up to $4000. you can try the mattress visiting your nearest Walmart store.


Overstock is an amazing online retailer that sells Mattress. You can explore different types of the mattress from the wide range of options available at the Overstock. It is the best place to shop using the discounts coupon to save a huge amount on the Mattress. Overstock offers 10 years of the warranty period on most of its Mattress. If you are not happy with the mattress, feel free to ask for return within the 30 days from the purchase date. Overstock will be happy to assist you in all means.

It is important to read the review to know the experience of the other customers hence make sure you visit a Mattress rating website for sure. Check out Voonky.com to know everything you must know before buying a new mattress. Hope this article is helpful to you. Enjoy the sound sleep and stay happy!


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