Personal Alarm: When And Where To Use It?


Personal alarms are small hand-held electronic devices that are commonly used to provide a siren-like noise and alarm. The main function of this tool is to catch the attention of people nearby if the user feels threatened or in danger because of an accident. It is usually used by pressing a button in the device. This device is one of the devices that need to be used responsibly because it can create false alarms and panic all around. However, when used responsibly, personal alarms can save lives.

Kinds of Personal Alarms and when to use it

  1. Pendant-type
  2. Smartwatch-type

To determine what type of personal alarm types to use would be based on the characteristics of the would-be user. If the person is relying a lot on his or her hands for movement (for example, to use wheelchairs), a pendant is more practical to reduce the chance of damage to the device. For those who need to access the device easily, the smartwatch-type is preferred. Whether pendant-type or smartwatch-type is chosen, any age UK personal alarms are useful in attracting attention and help. Smartwatch devices might not be good for elders.

Common features of personal alarms

Depending on the features, any age UK personal alarms can be used in so many ways. Because of the advancement in technology, manufacturers were able to pack a lot of features in wearable electronics. Most personal alarms have more features than a cheap basic phone.

  1. Water Resistance

Most of the personal alarms, especially transmitters, are water resistant or splash proof. This is to ensure that the device can still work even after an accidental splash of water.

  1. Range and Receiver Unit

The range of the transmitter from most of the receivers is usually 30 to 80 meters. Receivers, which are attached to phone lines, can be replaced for a unit with a bigger button and amplified sounds, as we as two-way talkback.

  1. Fall Detection and other sensors

When a fall happens to a regular adult, this incident can just be laughed off and forgotten. However, an accidental fall can be critical to disabled persons and the elderly. Fall detection, as well as other sensors such as smoke, gas or movement sensors, are good functions to include in a personal alarm device.

  1. Emergency Services

If in need of a desperate help but is unable to talk, personal alarms that can dial emergency services are great lifesavers.

Who can use Personal Alarms?

Personal alarms are usually used in people who are vulnerable to accidents and threats from other people. The usage will also be affected by the situation, time, and certain people involved. However, the usual users of these devices are the elders who have cases of disorders like Dementia. A personal alarm can also be used for kids and ladies if they found themselves in a dire situation. Some joggers and runners usually have special personal alarms attached to their bodies in case they encounter something bad. People with certain conditions that cannot be left alone for a long period of time, whatever the age, can also use this device to call for help.

Ways to hide personal alarms

There are times when the intended user doesn’t want to use personal alarms for some reasons and convincing them is impossible. In these cases, a lot of tricks can be done to attach the alarm in the user without him or her knowing. One of the best ways is to use it as a keychain that can be attached in children’s bags. For elderlies (especially for elderlies with cases that makes them wander around), a pendant-type model with a tracking device is a good bet.

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