Why Should You Opt for Escape Rooms


The first escape game opened in Japan in 2007. The popularity rapidly grew. Although, it took a little time for these rooms to spread to places like the UK and western Europe. In-person or online escape rooms allow players to experience movie-like scenarios where they have to solve clues to escape.

There are a lot of advantages and of escape games let’s have a brief look at them.

Advantages of escape games

Develop your skills

Spatial awareness and hand-eye combination skills are improved by playing these games. The puzzles you solve while playing the games helps to improve your motor skills.

Improve communication skills

Communication is the key for playing such games because you have to coordinate with your team to work together. It is hard for people to play the game if they don’t know how to communicate, it is a team-building activity that helps you to learn how to communicate properly by talking to new people.

Put you in a good mood

These games increase the amount of release of dopamine which puts you in a good mood. Winning the games, solving the puzzles, completing the challenges cause the small release of dopamine which helps you to feel good and energetic.

Improve your capacity

Challenges like puzzles trains your brain and are a great way of improving memory. These games are like sudoku. Just how your body needs to work out, your brain needs that too and these games are one of the best workouts for the brain.

Help you learn new things

These games help you to learn new skills and provides you with knowledge, it not only improves your communication but teaches you how to be interactive.

There are a lot of interesting games and one the most popular game is quest room- it is a fun and interactive adventure game where a team is locked in a room and have to solve puzzles, find clues and escape the room before the time is up, the time is usually 60 minutes. You can play this game with your friends, family or co-workers. The idea of the locker room is also very popular these days in most of the city’s in Canada, you can share the experience of escape hour with your friends and family after exploring it. Let’s have a look at some amazing escape rooms in Canada.

Escape rooms in Canada

The concept of the escape room is really popular in Canada, especially in cities like Calgary and Edmonton. There are many escape rooms in Canada but the most popular ones are escape hour Edmonton, escape from the 6, adventure rooms Canada, escape artists, cabinet mysteriis, time escape, escape club, Escape Hour, the real escape Canada, find and seek etc.


Escape rooms are good for entertainment and help to improve your communication. If you are in a bad mood then all you have to do is to search for a good game and play.


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