Nutrisystem for Men Review: How Much Weight Can Guys Lose?


Nutrisystem has grown to become one of the most popular commercial diet programs. While there are general programs for dieting and weight loss, Nutrisystem for men is tailored specifically to help men lose weight. The diet is said to help men lose up to 18+ pounds in the first month.

How it Works

The Nutrisystem offers preplanned meals on a 28-day delivery basis. The program uses a basic philosophy that simplifies it for optimum weight loss results regardless of the lifestyle. One of the biggest challenges dieters have is keeping track of their calories in every meal. Also, learning new meals is rather hard, but a Nutrisystem diet helps lift all the heavy work. The prepackaged meals provide enough nutrients to avoid under/over-consumption. For instance, starting with a sugary muffin in the morning or a high-carb lunch.

While a balanced diet is important, portion control is also vital. This is a major aspect of the Nutrisystem for men. The program has scientifically calculated food portions to provide enough energy throughout the day. The portions are also meant to help curb cravings since they leave you full for long.

The program provides 6 meals a day which include the three main meals; breakfast, lunch, and dinner, two snacks, and vegetables/fruits. While most of the meals are part of the program, you have to pay for the fruits/vegetables.

Does it Help Lose Weight?

When you pay for something, you want to gain value for your money. One of the questions that most people ask before entering the program is if it will help them lose weight. Statistics from a study done on the Nutrisystem for men has proved that the efficacy of the program is top-notch. As long as you stick to the plan, the program will give the results you are looking for.

There have been plenty of success stories for the men who have used the program. Some reviews have shown how the Nutrisystem has helped not only in losing weight but also in improving general health. You can also check what says about the program for more insight.

Nutrisystem for men is effective even for people with high-stress level jobs. Some people find it difficult to prepare dinner after a long stressful day, hence resort to eating takeout mostly from fast foods. But the Nutrisystem for men provides fresh healthy food. This also goes for people with fitness regimens. These men require specific diet plans to help them maintain their lifestyle which is more active than those who are not into fitness.

Is it Healthy?

Nutrisystem for men is effective and affordable, but is it healthy? The program consists of fiber which keeps you satisfied longer, but it is mostly a high-protein and low glycemic carbs. In comparison to the daily recommended amount of macronutrients, Nutrisystem provides a rather substantial amount of protein, carbs, and fats. So to say, it is healthy.

The Nutrisystem for men has had lots of positive reviews, but people are different so don’t expect it to work the exact same way it has for other people. Just stick to the plan and you will eventually see results.


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