Why Use Non-Profit Processing Sites for your Organization’s Transactions?


Non-profit organizations rely on donations for their day to day operational expenses. To entice benefactors to donate, these organizations come up with projects on a monthly or quarterly basis. As a non-profit organization, they only have at their disposal volunteer members to do some of this work. Having volunteers makes processing their donations quite challenging on the part of the non-profit. Ensuring the seamless processing of these donations requires the enlistment of non-profit payment processing sites.

Making bank transactions online is risky. Hackers can quickly get your credit card number and divest you of your money by using it in purchasing products without your consent.

Non-Profit organizations accept donations online through the bank or deducting it from your credit card. To make their transactions with their clients secure, these organizations used the services, non-profit payment processors.

These sites make accepting donations from their benefactors safe and secure. Some of these sites have apps. Apps make it convenient for anyone who plans to donate their money for a good cause.

Non-profit payment processing sites offer their organizations amenities that they would not have if they conducted their collection of donations offline. Aside from the security and ease of use, these sites provide promotional benefits such as cashback and rewards bonuses for their loyal clients.

Cashback is a promotional strategy wherein the site gives money back for every amount of transaction on their website. Such as offering a $10 cash back for every $100 you deposit in the accounts of their partner non-profit organizations.

Rewards bonus is another marketing strategy used by these sites. It offers points convertible to rewards that are redeemable from their business and shop partners. This strategy creates customer loyalty, which is beneficial to non-profit organizations.

Partnering with nonprofit payment processing is advantageous to non-profit organizations. Not only do they get the security, but they also receive other benefits that would ensure the increase in donations.

Although these sites are profit-oriented as opposed to the organizations they consort with; the relationship is mutual. Both of them reap financial gains from their partnership.

Collecting donations is the primary source of financial resources for non-profit organizations. If most of their donations go to waste due to mismanagement of the collection process, their benefactors would be dismayed. These could result in them withdrawing their support and convincing other benefactors not to support the organization.

This aspect of the transactions and operations of non-profit organizations should be monitored carefully. They must choose the best sites that can support them. Deciding on which site to partner with takes a lot of time. They must research these sites online. Look at their portfolio and present partners. They can call these partners and asked them about the status of the said consortium and if they’re satisfied. The organizations can even conduct a survey to measure the reliability of these sites. These step may be tedious and expensive, but it is worth it. One wrong decision can close the non-profit organization’s operations entirely.


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