Why Newark Airport is the Best Place to Leave Your Car


If you can leave your car at home and travel for a couple of weeks, airport car parking can be more convenient and safe. Relying on another means of transport can cause everything to go wrong. Just imagine attending to a very high-profile business meeting where it’s a deal you cannot miss, only the train, taxi, or relative driving you delays and you miss the flight.

Who is to blame? As if that was not enough, the issue of airlines refunding your money may hit a dead end. You lose money and opportunity, right? Forget the horror stories of people losing their cars at the airport parking, or having them broken into, at Newark you are getting value, convenience and security of your car. By the way, have you heard of Parkos? If not then you are missing out, it is the one many business travelers like you are using to secure Newark airport parking. Convinced? Let’s see why you need Parkos.

Important of Parkos Parking System at Newark Airport

When you use public means to go to the airport, you may forget an important document and you can’t just command the train to turn back. If that happens, you will cry as the time to catch your flight goes against you. When using own means to drive, even after realizing while in the parking lot, you rush at home, pick your document and get back at the parking lot without paying any extra dime.

The reason why it is so convenient is that Parkos gives you ample time earlier to reserve the parking space of your choice. You do that while at home before the date of your departure. Parkos helps you to compare parking lots, Newark airport parking rates, and then you relax waiting for the day to travel stress-free. Being a first time or usual traveler, mistakes are bound to happen, so when you decide to change your choice or cancel no charges.


Leaving your car at home for weeks and no one else at home may attract unexpected guests to steal. But leaving your car at a secure parking where security is given a top priority gives you peace of mind while away for a trip. At Newark, the parking lots are secured with lighting, guards patrol, surveillance camera rolling, and well fenced to keep intruders at bay.

Newark airport service providers know how precious your vehicle is, and when you fly away nothing bothers you. When you come back you’ll be all smiles finding all items intact. So, you have all sufficient reason to bring your automobile at Newark protected facility next time before you catch that flight.

Payment Process

When you want to reserve a space at Newark liberty parking lot, the payment process is very easy. Any arrangement of your car parking can apply, though long term saves you more money especially if you book for space early. Parkos accept Visa cards, PayPal, MasterCard, or American Express. So, if you have either of those, you can make payment at your convenient time with no issue. And in case you get stuck about how to reserve for a parking spot, you can enquire Parkos experts to guide you through.


Parking your car directly relying on the airport to reserve you a spot is an easy process. However, when you do it through Parkos, using provided parking providers is cheaper. You can reserve a spot for cheaper parking rates through outdoor parking as well if on a budget. Parkos provides you with numerous options for your car at Newark airport parking and it is a process you replicate without any regret.


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