Some Common Myths About Apps Development Regarding Content Marketing


A huge number of apps in a play store mean huge competition ahead and that means a lot of marketing strategies and struggle to get the best rankings. Your app should be beneficial and known to everyone because you believe it is really helpful and it has all that an app user would love to get but until your developed app is in the best rankings it is not getting anywhere. The best part is that you know according to the 2017 update by Google play store that a number of approximately 2.8 million apps are available to be downloaded in the play store. These apps are differently distributed in several categories and while surfing or reviewing the apps in a specific category you will notice that some of the apps are just shown right in the beginning while for the next you have to tap or scroll further.

An app developer initially thinks that probably a unique and dynamic apps development is the way to the success of his/her app but that’s the biggest myth people commonly have about the development of the app. The quest of how your specific app can be viewed by as many users as you want will answer you some questions. It is important for an app developer or the company or services getting its app developed by a programmer that they all know the difference between app development and content marketing. They have to realize that content marketing and other strategies can effectively bring their apps in good ranking causing people to know, download, use and rate their apps on the play store. With this, there are other myths that a web development company should get rid of.

#1. Marketing strategies are inevitable

The first fundamental myth an app producing team should get rid of is that there is no marketing involved. Because contrary to this notion there is a lot of marketing involved in a successful app. If you aren’t someone who is as popular as PEPSI and Microsoft, you have to go attain or adopt a marketing strategy to successfully launch and induce your app in the market amongst the right target audience. In order for you to enable your app to reach the right target audience, you have to be very careful about the marketing step you’re taking.

#2. Search Engine Optimization is necessary.

You cant escape SEO when thinking of marketing on the internet. This is because without entering the cut through competition you are not worth winning anything. This search engine optimization for apps is exactly the same as optimization for websites. On page optimization and off page optimization both are necessary. Internet marketing can be of two kinds;

  1. Paid marketing
  2. Organic or black hat marketing

That means you deliberately do stuff that helps the google algorithms rank your app better than others. This requires you to understand some SERPs techniques and how it really works. SERP stands for search engine results page and the phenomenon or algorithm that GOOGLE has for this SERP decision is your basic aim to know and understand. You can find a lot of SEO tools online (some can be free and others can be paid) that can be a great help to see how they show you the google’s world of marketing.

#3. Google Analytics cannot be ignored.

People commonly think that the google analytics has nothing to do with my app. All I have to do is get it developed and launch it as soon as I can. But launching it with a flawless user interface or user experience is not just it. Because to bring this thing to the user you have to chalk out a marketing strategy and target your specific audience and if all of that is to attract an audience over the internet then google analytics tool is inevitable. Although I can mention what best tools can be used for google analytics I don’t aim to provide free publicity without a compensation.

The basic thing that someone new needs to understand is that studying and knowing the latest trends and your audience’s behavior and keyword’s search pattern is something that others ( your competitors) are already up to. If you do not study the users’ attitude and search behavior the same way you won’t be able to lead adequately.

#4. Data access to the next level.

People think that mobile apps cannot access the data of enterprises resource planning and big portals but that is a common misconception or a myth.

Current technologies cannot be transmitted to mobile apps. A lot of enterprise apps cannot be accessed by mobile in spite of the fact that they can be plugged into API systems and other such systems. Your developed app can give you the benefit of collecting information as long as you want it.

#5. Every coding or programming language should be crammed.

 A common myth that the newcomers are forced to believe that every coding or framework involved should be crammed and memorized. With the knowledge that computers have they can adequately work at a 100 times higher tendency of processing and storing data capacity than any superhuman. This is exactly what you need to know that even when you are entering the field as a beginner don’t become the victim of such myths.

Myths cause to burden up unnecessarily and that can lead to someone becoming hopeless. A good app developer should have to command over 10 coding languages or frameworks and that would be more than enough. As problems arise and new situations pop up an app developer can watch tutorials and acquire online help to troubleshoot and enhance or upgrade his skills and learning on his own.

This is not an additional burden at all because every IT professional has to remain updated with the new versions and updates. This is how you have to keep yourself groomed and upgraded with the latest trends and solutions. Apps development market is a rich domain of programming and development, within a very short span of time a wide range of knowledge, types, and upgrades have already been the part of this industry


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