Must Know Tips To Keep The Electric Bill Down In Winter


Electricity has become an essential part of all our lives; we have learned to live with it but not without it. In that case, we all know that electric bills are unavoidable, whether for summer or winter. As humans, we are constantly dependent on electric appliances.

While we use air conditioners in summer, we use room heaters in winter, which results in a huge bill that you ought to pay at the end of every month. Moreover, the usage of a heater is more than the usage of an air conditioner; this proves why winter costs more.

However, we are here to make you spend less on your electricity during winter with our small and cost-efficient ways. After all, you can save a significant amount with these small changes. In this article, we will tell you all the must-know tips to keep your electric bill down in winter.

1Shut the doors of your rooms

You might live in a house with five rooms and only use one or two of them, but your heater will keep heating all five rooms together; in that case, it is a waste of time and energy and also costs you money for all those unused rooms. To avoid this, close all the doors, windows, and vents in these unused rooms; this will help you pay less.

2Keep an eye on your water heater

According to the reports, your water heaters take up to twenty-five percent of the electricity in your homes, and in most cases, they are turned on all day. Having them turned on is a waste as you don’t use water heaters all the time. Therefore, turn them on when needed; otherwise, turn it off; this way, you can save electricity. Moreover, changing the temperature of the heater to a few degrees cooler can help you from wasting electricity

3Laundry check

We know laundry is a must, but during winter, doing laundry can cost you double the amount than normal because of the water and heat. Henceforth, instead of doing small piles of clothes with intervals, do large piles at one go to reduce your cost. On the other hand, washing clothes with cold water and drying them at your place rather than using the dryer will also help you to reduce the huge cost.

4Unplug other electronics

A smart way to save yourself from paying huge electricity bills is to unplug electrical appliances when you don’t use them. Although you don’t use them when plugged in, it still uses your current and can make you pay for them. To avoid this, unplug the unnecessary appliances at home, which can later be plugged in whenever needed. A few of them we can think of are televisions, air conditioners, and table lights; these can be small but can help you save big time.

5Use LED light bulbs

The use of CFL lights can be more expensive than LED. Switching to LED light bulbs in and around your home will save a lot of electricity in winter. These lights use seventy percent less energy and also last twenty-five times longer than other lights. They are also much brighter than other lights, so this will be a win-win situation! Now go around your house, check its lighting and change the bulbs to LED to save the electric cost. Moreover, turn the lights off whenever artificial lights aren’t required.

6Insulate your room

Insulating your home thoroughly will keep the cold out of your apartment and your rooms. Keep the doors and windows closed most of the time, roll towels, and fill the door gaps to avoid wind coming in. Moreover, keep yourself warm and cozy by wearing thick woolen clothes and sweatshirts, and also cover your floor by putting carpets and thick rugs on them. This will help you be warm and also save your electric bill.

Wrapping up

Always have an eye on your weather with the Winter Energy Calculator to calculate how to reduce your bills according to the weather.

Electric bills don’t rise during summer, instead mostly only in winter. Therefore, to save yourself from paying less, use these tips and save your money.


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