Mobile Commerce Trends 2017 That Influence Buyer Experience : Infographic


Mobile devices come with immense mobility benefits, so mobile commerce is the next trend in 2017 and further. With the present infographic, we can see these trends at bird’s eye view.

Mobile Payments
The tendency of people to make payment through mobile devices is increasing rapidly in recent past. It leaves strong signals that mobile commerce is ultimate future in 2017 and onwards.

If we look at recent figures, mobile users are spending more than $90 billion through mobile payment mode. Against these, they spent only $12.8 billion in 2012. It indicates 48% increase in mobile payment.

Growth of Smartphone Users
Thanks to a sharp increase in the numbers of smartphone users who are mean to catalysis mobile commerce. If we look at the statistics, we can find that it was 1.5 billion people using smartphones in 2014 while today the figure is 2.32 billion.

E-commerce Coming from Smartphones
Within the lapse of four years, ecommerce sale witnessed the double growth from $123.13 billion in 2012, and now it is $151.11.

B2B Mobile Commerce
The B2B market has also exhibited its share in mobile commerce in recent past and today nearly 70% of millennial using mobiles to buy B2B products.

Mobile App Market
Mobile apps are excellent at user experience point of views, so mobile commerce activities have recorded more sale against mobile browsers.

Emerging Trends
due to a sharp increase in the adoption of mobile technologies, the m-commerce trends are boosting further

MIR (Mobile Image Recognition) Technology
Technically, the mobile MIR-driven app enables end-users to do comparative shopping by snapping product images in mobile devices from anywhere in the real world. Therefore, trends are expected to grow more.

Video Content
Video content is capable of attracting more traffic, so tendency towards it may increase in the next year of 2017.

Augmented Reality Mobile Apps
People love immersive experiences with the products, and virtual reality enables it. Thus, augmented reality app might be trendy in 2017.

NFC (Near Field Communication) – Enable Payment
NFC and Bluetooth (Beacons) enable safe and secure mobile payments so people may go for it in 2017 more.

Mobile Commerce Trends 2017

Image courtesy: Perception System

Mobile commerce is gaining ground further in 2017, and onwards so it is advisable for modern businesses to adopt M-commerce mobile apps and remain contemporary.


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