How To Mix Old With New In Your Home


With individuals being more environmentally cautious, this means that upcycling is a thing of the future. What this means for the interior design world, vintage is in. And the good news for everyone else is, that you can mix up a mid-century sideboard with shiny, new accessories.

Vintage pieces are great for infusing your space with some old charm and character. Here we’re going to discuss how to successfully mix retro finds with modern pieces.

Introducing Vintage Style In Your Home

Is all-out vintage not your style? Try introducing some minimal designs from the mid-century that you wouldn’t believe were designed 60 to 70 years ago.

A key to harmonising a home with various eras of inspiration is to mix up the materials. Combine the two to create a unique mix that is interesting.

Choose Your Colour Palette

Decide on your colour palette, when you are mixing old and new, there are usually a lot of interesting, individual elements involved. This means there isn’t much of a need to add dramatic colours to your walls, the impact is in the furniture and the accessories.

Make A Centre piece Worth Looking At

If you have purchased an iconic, retro design, such as a mid-century Lounge Chair, make it the focal point of the room. Then to bring the design to the modern-day, choose modern accessories. Picture contemporary spaces by utilising the best from both eras.

Striking The Right Balance 

The signs of age in vintage pieces can give them their signature, patina, look. To strike a balance, use stylish visual counterparts. Crisp pillows, shaggy rugs and other rich textile pieces can help soften the raw and aged look.

If you aren’t ready to invest in a vintage centre piece just yet, consider buying retro wall art to test the waters. Look for old school movie posters or Art Deco mirrors to get your inspiration started. You can also decide on

Use Inspiration Images And Moodboards

With free and easy inspiration right at your fingertips, mood boards and Pinterest are perfect when it comes to looking for home inspiration. From colour schemes to DIY projects, it’s all out there for you to recreate.

Choosing The Right Pieces

To ensure your home looks stylish and not chaotic, every item must be either of good quality or beautiful. Even if you can’t afford original pieces, consider replicas. Online retailers, such as Pash Classics offer high-quality mid-century designer replica furniture that looks just like originals.

The key to creating the perfect mix of old and new pieces in your home is to create the look as it has evolved over time, this means to not rush out and buy all your pieces at once.

Although the rules of scale, balance and proportion are always emphasized when it comes to interior design, don’t sacrifice buying and using items that you love in order to follow these rules. The most important thing is for your home to look good to you, so if you truly love a piece, then there is always a place in your home for it.


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