Mistakes Companies Make When Choosing Office Spaces


Finding an office space is one of the major decisions a company will undertake. It is a significant thing to have an office space as it gives customers and employees a sense of security, credibility, and trust. This is why, if you’re an entrepreneur, you should sit down first and ponder the things to consider when choosing a space for your office transactions.

Sadly, many companies, in their bid to establish their brand on the market, rashly decide on spending on offices. Spending without taking into consideration different factors will only cause a financial sinkhole, draining all of one’s profit.

Philadelphia is a major metropolis that has a substantial and healthy business environment. If you’re planning to make it big in this city, you can start finding the best office space for lease Philadelphia has to give. However, you should keep in mind these major mistakes that you should avoid, which will surely drive your business towards failure.

Choosing office spaces without compensating for growth

The aim of any business owner is growth. You gauge your financial success not by the profit alone, but how your business grew through the years. One primary indicator of growth is the increase in customers and an increase in employees and equipment. If you choose an office space for lease in Philadelphia, make sure to see if it can accommodate growth. You might bottleneck your success if you spend on small offices to cut costs but need to relocate and pay more on the onset of an increased influx of customers and sales. So, be wary of this fact and always plan. Are you a law firm looking for office space? Get in contact with Execu-Suites today.

Choosing office spaces on cost alone

Cost and expenses are a significant factor for a  company to consider when making a decision. However, if you focus solely on choosing low-cost office spaces, you might be painting yourself into a corner. As your business expands, your customer demographic expands as well.

You need to take into consideration the location of your office, how accessible is it to people, especially in urban areas, and if public transportation is close to your site. Typically, suitable urban office spaces tend to cost more, but the benefits are worth more than the expenses.

Not considering the importance of style and design

It is tempting for a business entrepreneur to focus on productivity and not on aesthetics. However, customers tend to be attracted first by how things look before anything else. It is this basic human instinct that makes design and style important.

Remember, humans are visual beings, and they regard beauty and order as a sign of stability and quality. So, before you ditch your interior designer’s ideas, consider adding a small ounce of style in your workplace, enough to give an ambiance of comfort and trust. You’ll see how beautiful things a stylistic mind has to offer.

If you’re planning to put up a company in a place like Philadelphia, consider these three simple yet essential factors in choosing office space, and you will never go wrong.


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