Meal Planning: A Way for Families to Eat Healthier and Spend Less


Taking care of the family is no simple task. One of the major concerns of every mom is ensuring that all members of the family receive sufficient and proper nutrition. That means preparing a variant of meals that is healthy and well-balanced.

However, raising a family, a long day after work or some other tasks comes significant stress. Therefore, mothers never have enough time or energy to plan, much less prepare a healthy meal.

Therefore, moms often resort to cooking instant meals that barely contain any nutrition. Other times, the whole family eats at greasy fast-food restaurants or order take-out.

What if there’s a way for moms to prepare tasty, nutritious, and well-balanced meals without spending hours in the kitchen every day?

There’s a solution to this, and it’s the process of meal planning. Instead of thinking about what to cook every day, then spending so much time shopping for the ingredients, and preparing it, moms can now do this once for the whole week.

Don’t know how to start or even have time to make a meal plan for the whole week? There are weekly meal plan subscriptions that can help and guide moms with food preparations even when they are busy.

Why Subscribe to a Weekly Meal Plan?

Weekly meal plan subscriptions provide custom meal plans for moms to follow. There’s no need for them to wrack their brains and come up with a recipe for the whole week anymore. All that’s left for them to do is to grab the grocery list, shop, and prepare the food. Here are some of the reasons why moms should get weekly meal plan subscriptions.

1. A healthier and well-balanced diet for everyone.

Subscribing to a meal plan eliminates the need to rely on unhealthy pre-packaged foods and last-minute unhealthy options. With proper meal planning, the nutritional needs of each member of the family can be achieved. 5 Dinners 1 Hour plans meals with have a perfect blend and balance of grains, meats, vegetables, and fruits. Not only is it healthy, but it also adds variety to meals every week.

2. It saves time and energy.

With a meal plan already prepared for the whole week, moms will only have to follow what’s written. Shopping is made more manageable with all the ingredients already listed. This eliminates the chances of aimlessly wandering around the grocery store. And since everything is already planned out, moms will only have to go to the store once a week. Once ingredients are bought, they can start assembling each food and chopping ahead of time to minimize the preparation time during cooking.

3. It saves money and the environment.

Cooking meals at home is much cheaper than buying from a restaurant. Additionally, going on trips to the grocery store only once per week can save a family so much gas money. Following a meal plan also cuts down the food waste since families will only purchase and prepare what they need for a week. With about 150,000 tons of food being thrown out each day, everyone must do their part to minimize food waste. It’s a critical problem that can lead to food insecurity and have an economic and environmental impact.

Subscribing to a meal planning service can make meal preparations so much easier. Not only is meal planning a time-saver, but it also helps families get the proper nutrition they require and minimize their expenses.


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