Mallorca – Enjoy its Many Bounties by Renting Top Vacation Rental


Mallorca, the coveted tourist destination of the Mediterranean, beckons all beach lovers with its sunny characteristics. If you love spending long hours lazing on the sand, with azure blue waters in front of your eyes, then Mallorca is the place for you. However, before losing yourself in its ravishing beaches, tucked away hill towns, and less trodden mountains, get yourself a holiday home in Mallorca.

Holiday House with Pool in Mallorca

This beautiful location is best visited for its landscapes, rich tradition and culture, and coastal living fun. Trigger off your travel plans for Spain with the aim to find holiday lettings in Mallorca According to Interhome UK, there’s no dearth of self-catering options to choose from. Just freeze upon your choice of accommodation – apartment, cottage, villa, chalet, or holiday home – and book online. Its that simple. Mallorca has a lot for you in terms of beach entertainment, natural landscapes, local fun, and traditional attributes. Having an address of you own will help you enjoy all this and more from a comfortable and affordable setting to call your own.

Mallorca Beckons: Have you Found your Holiday House Yet?

Here are a few things that Mallorca unique as a popular travel destination in Europe.

Landscapes of Mallorca

Exult in the pure Mediterranean lights of Mallorca or take a bike ride to the limestone spires and formidable bluffs of Serra de Tramuntana.  In spring, hike across almond meadows with beautiful hills in the background. Are you planning a trip to Spain this autumn? If yes, look forward to visiting the interior’s vineyards as they ripen up to unfold a golden landscape of their own. Regardless of where you go in Mallorca, you will be surprised to note the many things to do, and all that you get to see, without travelling too far from your vacation rental.

If you love being outdoors during the touristy season, then plan a trip in mid-August. When you’ve had enough of the crowds, simply recede to your apartment or find yourself an oasis of silence in one of its hilltop monasteries or honey-stone villages. Pedal, trek, drive or while away your days lounging by the sea – there’s no dearth of all that you can do in Mallorca to come back flush with memories.

Understand the Roots

The traditional roots of Spain reach all the way to Mallorca and beyond. These days, even in the face of its ever-increasing beach activities, tourists and travelers are getting lured by Mallorca’s culture. It’s common to find locals reaching back to their traditions like never before. Old manor houses are assuming a new look and are being revamped. Long-abandoned fincas (or estates) and farmhouses are turning into elegant retreats and holiday houses. Large, sprawling country estates are the right venues to spend silent moments in the midst of carob, olive, and almond groves; they explain the irresistible charm of the hinterland of Mallorca fitfully. Come summers, and the region converts into a big party scene with festes (festivals) giving you the best feel of island life. Plan a long holiday in Spain to enjoy its traditions, art, and culture to the fullest.

Living on the Coasts of Mallorca

Mallorca ranks high on the tourist radar of European travel for abundant reasons; specifically, its stunning coastline. Go beyond what your eyes can see when you reach Mallorca. You’ll find a large number of silent coves braiding the island in the backdrop of beautiful estates and sea-side resorts. If cliff-drama is your scene then hike westwards to view sapphire blue seas from the top. In case your camera desires the irresistible views of pine-flecked bays then head north.

Wherever you go in Mallorca, you’ll be surprised to see and do something more than what you may have read about. The deserted coves situated in the eastern precincts of Mallorca can drive you crazy with their see-through waters and quietude. Head north to dive off white beaches overlooking the blue sea or enjoy long sundown beach strolls. Coastal living in the region can be best enjoyed with fun, food, and frolic. Get into the groove as fast as you can to make the most of your holiday plans.

Mediterranean Delights by Interhome

Book your holiday property in Mallorca by getting in touch with Interhome UK soon after you’ve booked your tickets. Check out different self-catering apartments, cottages, and villas on offer by Interhome before freezing your rental house anywhere in the region. Once done, get ready to experience Mallorca, your way!


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