How to Make Your (Economy) Long Haul Flights More Comfortable


Travelling by air might be the fastest way of transport but it certainly isn’t the most comfortable. Travelling in long haul flights in economy class can prove to be nightmarish for some. The feeling of being crammed in your seats with lack of movement and inability to fall asleep can put a lot of stress on your body and mind. We have therefore come up with a number of easy ways which shall make your travel comfier and help you understand how to sleep on a plane in economy class.

1Pick your Seats Wisely

Knowing to pick your seats strategically is one of the most basic steps towards knowing how to sleep in economy class comfortably. Picking your seats as early as possible gives you the option of booking window seats and those away from the restrooms. This can prove particularly beneficial if you are concerned about how to sleep on a plane so that you are well rested. Aisle seats can prove to be very disturbing every time other passengers beside you need to go to the restrooms and may even interrupt your sleep. If legroom is your concern you may want to opt for the bulkhead seats which also prevent you against reclining seats in front of you.

2Get Ample Sleep

Getting ample amount of sleep on the flight is the single most effective way to pass time on a lengthy flight. Make sure that you use comfortable noise-cancelling headphones and face masks to help prevent you against any sort of noise or disturbance from light. Check out some of the best rated eye masks available if you are looking to block light while sleeping. You can additionally try some apps that can help you achieve the quality sleep you require.

3Carry your Stuff

While some good airliners might provide you with amenities like blankets, pillows and face towels, it’s always safe to carry your own stuff with you. It is common for passengers to feel that the pillow is not comfortable enough or the blanket is too thin to keep the cold out. Some of the most essential items on an air travel like a neck pillow, headphones, eye masks, moisturizers, toothbrushes and other such toiletries should always be carried along.

4Take Care of your Meals

Meals ordered on the flight may sometimes take long to reach you therefore it is wise to pre-book your meals to avoid delay. However, if you are not a big fan of on-board food you may alternatively carry your own meals and snacks along. Taking your meals early in the flight may help you to sleep sooner.

5Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is a common issue with air passengers due to a lack of moisture in the air. Carry adequate amount of water with you and do not hesitate to request more from the flight attendants. However, you must stay away from caffeinated drinks if you are looking for a comfortable and sound sleep on the plane. Apply moisturizer on your skin at regular intervals so that your skin doesn’t run out of moisture by the time you land.

6Dress Comfortably

Wearing the right type of clothes is key to achieving a comfortable sleep whether it’s in your bedroom or in the plane. Tight fitting or skimpy clothes are heavily advised against as they can increase discomfort and are simply inadequate against a cooler temperature. Get rid of your shoes once you are all set so that your feet can breathe well. Remember to make sure that you are equipped with the right type of sweaters, socks and travel scarves.

7Ask for Assistance

If you’re wondering how to sleep comfortably in economy class, you may want make the full use of the on-board flight service by asking for it. Most of the times than not planes run with several empty seats and sometimes rows of them. Therefore, it is considered wise to ask the attendants to shift you to a more suitable seat about 10 minutes before the boarding starts so that all the passengers are assigned their respective seats so that you know which ones are vacant.

Bottom line

A good sleep can miraculously affect your air travel and keep you well rested, especially when its economy class. It is therefore important to take care of your on-board sleep so that it resembles your comfortable night sleep that you get at home.


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