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In recent years, the CIO has re-optimized and designed the IT service process. The basic strategy is to improve the quality of IT services, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs and shorten time. Therefore, the urgent problem CIO is faced with today is how to carry out process management of IT services, assess the performance of IT personnel through quantifiable indicators, mobilize the enthusiasm of personnel, improve service quality and efficiency, and change passive IT services into active ones.

How to make the implementation of ITIL efficient itil 4 foundation practice exam?

1Determine IT service quality objectives

IT service quality is formulated by both the business department and IT department according to business objectives. A better IT service goal should have the functions of defining continuous service management, enabling relevant personnel to take actions in the right direction, coordinating multiple actions of different personnel, and briefly explaining the intentions of senior managers.

2Assessment status

One of the core steps is to evaluate the current IT service management status and maturity level of the enterprise. Because the needs of users and the status quo of IT services are the basis for determining the IT services provided, while service processes, functions, skills, enterprise structure and culture are determined according to the needs of users and the types of services provided.

The analysis and evaluation of the current situation can be considered from the following aspects:

  1. Whether the IT department understands the business strategy and direction?
  2. Problems faced by the business
  3. Does the IT department understand the role of technology in the business?
  4. Whether the IT department and the business department have the same views on the current IT service maturity and IT service quality?
  5. Whether the IT department clearly understands the needs of stakeholders?
  6. Whether the IT department clearly understands the consequences of not improving IT service quality?

3Develop IT service management plan

(1) Choose service management tool

(2) Carry out education, training and cultural change

  1. Document and system development, mainly including preparation of IT system documents, preparation of user manual, work record manual and work guide for IT management personnel.
  2. Staff training: each employee related to IT system shall be properly trained. On the one hand, IT personnel shall be trained in business knowledge and skills to understand business principles and essence. On the other hand, it is necessary to strengthen the training of IT knowledge and skills for business personnel, so that all IT business personnel can understand the basic principles of IT service management processes.

The organization and training of the company’s IT personnel IT service management must be essential.

4Evaluate and check the effectiveness of IT services

One of the main links to ensure the high quality of IT services is to check the effectiveness of IT services. A series of measurable objectives and indicators need to be clearly defined in advance, and then reviewed in each period to check whether the IT service objectives have been achieved and whether the service quality has been improved. Otherwise, remedial and improvement measures need to be proposed and taken to achieve the expected goals.

It is difficult to start a business, but more difficult to keep doing business. As long as the last IT service activity reaches the goal, it is necessary to consolidate the achievements and take further change actions, because improving the quality of IT services is an endless process.

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