Tricks to make your Home Scorpion Proof


I live in an area infested with scorpions. With kids around, I am worried about the scorpions getting in my house!

I’ve gotten into the habit of spotting scorpions near my house and I fear they may be living inside.

Scorpions are one of the most common and obstinate household pests. They cannot be eliminated simply by laying out traps. They crawl into empty spaces and come out at night, putting you at a greater risk of being bitten. Read our guide and become an expert on how to make your house scorpion-free.

1Get Rid of ALL the Bugs

You cannot pick and choose the bugs you want and don’t want in your house. Having smaller bugs can attract bigger prey like scorpions into your house. So, call a professional, like Responsible Pest Control services and get rid of these creepy crawlers in one go. A professional pest control will use high-grade insecticides and pesticides to eliminate these bugs completely and ensure your family’s safety.

2Maintain Your Yard

When getting rid of pests, it is important to start from outside your house. Keep your grass and plants short and trim, so that scorpions don’t hide inside them. De-cluttering your outside spaces and simply keeping them clean will go a long way in avoiding pests.

Wood, standing water and overgrown bushes are an attraction for scorpions. These provide a shaded and cool atmosphere for the scorpions to escape the blistering heat during the day. So, trim your bushes, do not make piles of wood in the yard and you will be safe from scorpions.

3Clean Your House

Roll up your sleeves and start cleaning because an untidy house attracts bugs. But while you are cleaning, wear gloves and cover your body, in case you encounter a scorpion. Make sure that you clean up crumbs because scorpions are attracted to food sources. Also, tidy up spaces like underneath your bed or closet floors because they can become scorpion hiding places.

4Seal Your Home

Scorpions can fit into crevices no bigger than a few inches. This means that windows, doorways, switch-boards, cracks and even ceiling fans are a potential entry point for scorpions. So close your windows, shut your doors and seal any cracks on the inside and outside of your house. Pay very close attention to your basement and attic, as they can become nurturing grounds for scorpions.

5Burning Essential Oils

Yes! Essential oils are unconventional methods, but they do work! Lavender, cedar, peppermint, and cinnamon are common oils that help keep scorpions away when heated. If you don’t want the oil to be heated, then dilute them with water or carrier oil and spray them on entryways. This method will work as effectively as burning oil.

All these methods are tried and tested in successfully making a home scorpion free. So trust us when we tell you that following this guide as it is, step by step, will relieve you of the pest burden.


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